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NYE * what cha doing'* ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mischiefmaka, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Anyone got any awesome plans for NYE?

    Sitting at home trying to stay away until midnight perhaps? lol

    Its no secret that i love to party, however NYE is my " special party date" I like to get a little extra crazy on this night, dancing on table tops, bars and or pool tables and sinking shots from some strangers cleavage isnt unheard of...

    woot woot bring it ornnnnnnn
  2. I'm hosting an Op Shop themed party at my joint - it should go off.

    Everyone is required to go buy clothes from the Op Shop and wear them on the night. BBQ supplied. Should be able to see some fireworks at midnight from where I live as well. That said, I will probably be too pissed and only capable of seeing the floor. :D
  3. :worthlesspics:

    Pool party at a friends house.

    What you didn't all know is that it's my birthday, & that's the real reason you party so hard ;)
  4. :-s8-[ okkkkkkkkkk interesting night by the sound of it....

    (Quiet one with a few mates here...)
  5. I'm gonna hide at home away from all the crazy. Probably will go to bed at my usual 9pm after drinking my usual nightcap of brandy.
  6. I somehow managed to roster myself on-call, so a quiet one for me this year.
  7. Working 12hr shifts from tomorrow until the 11th ](*,)
  8. Ouch!! :busting:
  9. I would LOVE to be in Melbourne for my first NYE since arriving from 16yrs absence...alas, NO, work has me signing on for a flight to Hong Kong that night (!)..pushing back at 11:45pm, liftoff at midnight !
    So I'll be taxiing for takeoff in 2010, liftoff in 2011. Hopefully the fireworks over the CBD will make the experience a little more worth while...as well as the 'bubbly' flowing in abundance in the flight deck....yeah right ! :)
  10. Scored a ticket to some fancy venue to watch the Harbour fireworks Its all become bleh to me, IMO fireworks look better on TV, I probably wont stay for the midnight fireworks though.

    We used to have a massive, pumpin street party with tables and entertainment as well as tons of fireworks in the middle of the street. This was cancelled when some irrate ex cop neighbour decided to run his car through the tables/chairs etc. Im planning of doing another street party except this time the tables etc will be on the front lawn.
  11. Partying it at Etihad Stadium to Armin Van Buuren...been a while since I have gone to a rave :D. WOOT WOOT!
  12. ringing in the new yr in japan.

  13. i'll be heading down to the park by the waters edge, probably take up a good spot on the beach... watch the fireworks, eat some food, listen to some good music and soak it all up :D
  14. ..hopefully, we'll be at the week-ender!... party, party!!... *hic* [​IMG]

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  15. I had a similar week planned before work decided to ruin it ](*,)

    Ah well, atleast after I finish work on the 11th I'll get my L's and have my new bike shortly after. :biker:
  16. Mrs is away, Messy doeth play.
    Probably heading up to brisvegas and getting sloshed.
  17. I kinda miss those NYE raves, we used to have a great one at Wonderland where ravers cough all night from the dust, just to listen to some great tracks. AvB though would be great, good to see some of the older guys are still doing their thing.

    One of my must do is to watch the NYE Mixed Martial Arts in Japan. I went to Japan a couple of months ago and just love the place and the people, climbing Mount Fuji and going to the very top was another tick to my to do list.
  18. did it early this yr.

    was planning to do it again in jan- packed all my gear- but i'm resigned to hauling half a suitcase full of gifts and staying at sea level this time around...
  19. Thats me with some buddies about to climb the very top of Japan, stup1d cam decided to run out of battery after this :(. Next time I go there ill make sure to start from "The Suicide Woods of Mt. Fuji", apparently the second highest rate of suicides per year. BTW Mt Fuji gets very popular during the fire ceremony, the place was packed to the brim, all you can see at 3am is a line of light climbing the very top ready for sunrise.

  20. Kicking back in milford sound.