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NYE Mystery Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Bangr, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. NYE Mystery ride

    Hi all , So a few of us have been talking about nye , and the idea of a ride come up , so true to form , I think it should be a Mystery ride , for those of you who are game enough to put your NYE in my hands come along , We will be stopping just before midnight at a location and so there is no stuff ups every one will be given a envelope (sealed) at the start of the ride with my PH number and the endpoint , the idea being if you get lost , end up stuck on a corner for to long or if it gets to a cut of time (tbc) you can open up and head to the end point so no one gets left behind.

    Start point will be the diner in north Melbourne . 9.30 PM , please have a full tank of fuel.
    Once at the end point there will be no return ride back into Melbourne , so yes we will out of the suburbs , but only one hour from getting back into suburbs .

    The Diner in North Melbourne

    36 Macaulay Road, North melbourne


    All Welcome ,

    A idea of numbers would be good , so please tell us if your coming.



  2. hell yeah--thnks for organising and posting this up!! gonna be kewl- yipppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee brawwwwwwwwwwwwup
  3. I'm in.....just make sure the place we are going to is not closed off if it is a popular meeting point to bring in the new year. Maybe get in touch with the local council?

  4. Sounds like a plan Bren :biker:
  5. Hm, this is pretty damned tempting. I normally go take money from drunken fools at the poker tables, but a change would do me good.
  6. sounds good may get other half on back
  7. I'm interested however kind of hoping the end point will be a bar (or a house) stocked with lots of beer to celebrate NYE?

    If not, I can offer my house as an endpoint. It's just at the end of some twisties in Heidelberg and there's room enough for lots of people to pass out drunk on the floor/couches/spare beds.

    Just an idea... Not 100% sure I'm coming yet. No other plans tho :D
  8. Scratch that, I'm out. Beer drinking to be done. Have a good ride though.
  9. I'm there if the weather is going to be ok.
  10. ok , about to leave the isle to get intp melb , hope the weather holds out , hope to see you all there .

  11. Good luck with the weather!!!

    This was at 9.00.,..

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  12. 12 die hard balls of steel riders turned up--lol
    we ate talked and hanged out thn 8 of us went on a ride til 4am. hhehehehehe
  13. Even with the rain delaying us 3 hours it was a great after NYE ride. In fact the roads were empty and with a small group, we only needed to wait a few times when riders were caught at lights in the city.

    Great Idea Bren, we should do this a few more times in Summer! Can't wait to try again in 365 days.