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NYE Fireworks

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Okay, been searching the net, and I'm getting more and more disgusted...

    How much are they spending on fireworks for NYE this year around the entire world?

    I can't find any figures, but I think Sydney this year is at $4 million...

    This issue is dreadful - we are paying $4 million on something that has NO ACTUAL USE!! I mean, I could understand if they provided homeless people with places to stay at food to eat for however long in Australia... Because then it would have a use... ; or if they bought $4 million worth of rice and other supplies for 3rd world countries... Or if they actually DID something with it...

    But something we just watch?????? Really?????
    And the NERVE people have to say "oh... the fireworks display this year wasn't as good as last years..." "the display wasn't as good" "i thought it was going to be bigger?" ...

    Does this issue make anyone elses blood boil??
  2. come 'ere, you need a cuddle :beer:
  3. No. Get over it.
  4. lowercase wrote:
    Does this issue make anyone elses blood boil??

    It might make the Victorian's boil :LOL: ... they're expecting over 40degrees in most centers tomorrow... Summer's here!!! :dance:

    You think the fireworks are expensive... who remembers the 'Blue Poles' painting we bought back whenever :shock:

    It's all relative... there's always going to be the rich and poor... atleast they can all share something tomorrow night:

    the Fireworks!!!!

  5. dont care, wont be watching em.
  6. same here, I'll be too busy pacifying my pooch ,with all of the local fireworks he gets a bit scared :evil:
  7. They could give me $4 million worth of bullet's and i will take care of sydney's homeless for u :wink:
  8. Well they could give that 4 million to a poor african nation and have 3,999,999 go into whichever dicator runs the show's pocket.
    Yeah i'm a cynical prick aren't I?

    I see your point, but good luck trying to convince people to give up the fireworks to help people less fortunate then themselves. That 4 million is a drop in the ocean compared to the many billions that the yanks have spent on the iraq invasion. No i'm not trying to open a can of worms here and i'm not some pinko leftie commie, just makes me wonder is all. :cool:
  9. You could always attach a homeless person to each firework......

    Yeah, I know, I'm going to hell :p
  10. And that other dollar is made up of Bank Fees. :evil:
  11. Same here. The freakin idiots who let them off in residential areas obviously dont think about the impact it has on dogs in the neighbourhood.
  12. No, we think about it, we just don't care :twisted:
  13. All those explosives going to waste when they could have been more productively employed carpet bombing some third world country because it won't do what the US thinks it should.
  14. Have you considered the financial benefit to the state? Sydney is one of the drawcard NYE fireworks displays on the planet. A lot of tourists want to have a NYE in Sydney just to see the fireworks on the bridge and harbour. Not to mention the amount of people that go out and spend money to go and see the fireworks. That is all economic benefit to business and also to government through tax revenue. So I think it is a boon for the economy.

    Now if that additional money gathered by the government doesn't go into helping the homeless or whatever it is you think it should be spent on, that is where your anger should be pointed. Not at the fireworks that the vast majority of people enjoy.

    Next you'll be wanting to ban XMAS because of the money wasted on that. I mean how much is wasted on that humongous XMAS tree in Martin Place with all the lights that must be single-handedly adding to global warming because of the electricity being sucked. All in the gaze of the homeless sheltering in the archs of the GPO. Shameful! :jerk:
  15. I guess the other point is who actually pays that $4mil? The government? Or private?
  16. We could employ the homeless to let off the fireworks.

    That'd work.
  17. er, forget about the money being spent on this, what about the environment?

    aren't we all suppose to be environmentally sensitive or does NYE celebrations, particularly the pollution from the fireworks, have an exemption!?

    fcuking hypocrites!
  18. That was my next point :)

    And "A lot of tourists want to have a NYE in Sydney just to see the fireworks on the bridge and harbour. Not to mention the amount of people that go out and spend money to go and see the fireworks..."... How selfish is that??

    And we don't need to ban Christmas... But why do people spend so much money, and then feel guilty, and then think.. oh, I haven't given to charity yet!! And then pass on their lose change (20cents)...

    I'm just so sick of this world... Really.

    I would point out a thousand points and go on and on, but would anyone listen to me? No.
  19. Hey, dude.. you do need a big hug, don't need to carry this load all by yourself!

    The world's quite f*@#d up in a lot of places, but - it's also very nice in a lot of other places!!!

    This garbage goes on in all aspects of life, I once read a book about St Francis, I'm normally very not religious, but this guy moved me somewhat... but... to cut it short... I was in Italy some time ago and got to Assisi where this Saint grew up and did his thing... I got so depressed when I saw all the BS in the form of money money and more money... no one seemed to get it, same old repetitive crap throughout history...

    But... that's life... it's gone on for a while now with all this sos.. now and then it can get sh*ty but a good ride in the country usually balances things, for me anyway...

    I've got a stinking migraine right now, just chilling out alone, looking forward to a clear head tomorrow and a nice ride!! couldn't get more boring this end of town :LOL: :LOL:

    sorry to rave on... chin up :grin:
  20. Governments fork out the dollars.. I agree its bullshit. Something that worries me is the lack of water we have. We are in such severe need of water resources, but oh we cant afford to make more dams, or its taking forever to get the desalinization plant going. But shit we can spend millions on useless fireworks. :evil: