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nx 650 no spark

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GIBBS323, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. just to add to my last thread
    have replaced the cdi unit and bike still wont start
    turns ovewr fine but no spark
    if any one knows of any other checks would be great to know as i am completely lost now...

    :( :(
  2. If you haven't already done this:

    Replace the plug lead. Replace the plug cap. Replace the plug.
    All are relatively cheap.
    Check the kill switch and it's connectors. Hondas will turn over when the
    kill switch is set to 'off' but they will only spark when it is set to 'run'.
    (Most bikes with a kill switch 'off' will not turn over).

    Have the coil tested. Clean and check ALL the electrical connectors especially
    coil, CDI unit, earth. Have you got a good battery? You may need a new one.
    Check all the fuses and circuit breakers.

    Good luck, have perseverance
  3. will do as you said is pretty in expensive, coil seems to check out has correct resistance
    but have not checked kill switch yet.
    havent checked plug either as cant get the ba##ard thing out!!
    will reply when done
    any one know were i can get any perseverance as im out of it
  4. $10 says there is the problem!
  5. 10 bucks

    if your right i will forward my penny jar to you
  6. While we're on this, how does one remove the HT lead from the cap? I've heard that some screw together - is this a universal case (ie should it likely apply also to my SR500)?
  7. not sure !!
    on my two bikes it unscrews
    so perhaps the same on yours...
  8. My 98 cbr600 doesnt turn over when the killswitch is engaged.
  9. How do you know it has no spark if you haven't pulled the plugs? Did you temporarily fit some new plugs to the leads?

    All the best

    Trevor G
  10. Some caps are moulded into the leads, especially on cars.

    Many, maybe most, bikes have plug caps which screw off. Guess what, you just turn the cap anticlockwise like anything else you want to screw off...

    Look closely at the join between the lead and the cap - bend the lead at that point. If a gap appears you should have a removeable cap. If the lead also twists as you twist the plug cap....


    Trevor G
  11. Well...the majority of non-starting netrider bikes seem to have inaDvertently run out of fuel - I hope you have checked that there is fuel in the bowls of the carbs, and plenty of it.


    Trevor G
  12. plenty of fuel and in the end (start ya bastard) as well to try and get spark.
    we tried the old method of removing plug cap inserting screwdriver and holding against engine body to see if you get a spark when you turn it over, my dad said this is what they used to do to check spark seems a bit dangerous to me but oh well no spark :? :?