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NW Sydney Quick Fangs

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by lr150west, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. G'day all.
    Just wondering if there's a list of "Quick Fangs" around our major cities?
    You know, those slightly out of my way roads with a bit of a twisty flavour that changes a dull commute into something a bit more interesting.

    I used to ride in Lithgow. I lived 2km from the office, but usually managed to clock up 20 k or so in the morning or arvo. Or both!

    I've moved to Sydney, living off the M2. I know there is interesting topography that must mean there's interesting roads, I just don't have time to explore 'em all.

    So if you are willing to share your knowledge, I'd be very appreciative.

    As an example, I know I can get onto the Pacific highway, turn into Fullers Rd which becomes Delhi and in the middle there's a twisty bit. With the right amount of traffic it ain't too bad. At the end of Delhi Rd I can get back to the M2 if time is short, or head onto Epping Rd to try and find some more pleasant trips home.

    Any more info available?


  2. Putty. Its quick.. albeit maybe not in the sense you're inferring ;)

    Can't help much as I'm not familiar with your area.
  3. phew, for a minute there I thought we'd signed up our first vampire Netrider :LOL:.

  4. Putty - lol!

    Ah, but you can help with others in your area - you can start an NB Sydney Quick Fangs thread. It may even become a sticky!!!

    Thanks though. In fact, depending on how desperate I was, Warringah Rd or something over on the North Shore isn't totally impossible ... hhmm.
  5. Well I'm not silly enough to post up my local fangs, I don't want them patrolled duh :wink:
  6. The Comenarra Parkway has some nice corners with a few elevation changes thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find a time when it isn't clogged by traffic.