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NW 2005 Bike Race (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Now THAT is racing. Top stuff. And Terry O'Neill reckons Bathurst is too dangerous??

    I grew up going to the top of the mountain every Easter, and went to the last one in 2000 - which, by the way, was probably the best weekend I have ever had on my bike - and dearly miss the annual pilgrimage. Done Phillip Island, but for some reason it's just not the same...
  2. hey link is not working :(
  3. Arrrr it's streaming like a dog.

    Anyway to download and save there?
  4. Man, those guys are insane!

    310kph on streets with trees and power poles and everything else about...
  5. Yes, streaming like a biatch.

    Anyone have a link to download file to watch locally?
  6. hmmmmm GET CABLE :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  7. I can stream anything else just fine....:roll:

    The video freezes in exactly the same place every time - right after the start, and the sound keeps going.
  8. :shock: You couldn't pay me to do those speeds on those roads. Instant bloody death awaits.

    Exciting to watch but I was cringing the whole time :?
  9. ...hmmmm OK, so I don't think my internet connection is the issue, and cable sure won't help.

    I'm at work with a big fat arse link and it's still streaming like a biatch.

    Oh well....
  10. I'm on bloody iinet, switched up to their 1500 whatevers a second plan and it's CRAP! Absolute shite. Was very quick for the first month but now runs like a dog. Pages slow to load, and streaming? Faggedaboudit.
  11. That's an awesome clip
  12. 512/128 ADSL at home and it ran like crap, 2Mb SHDSL and it took me 3 goes before the connection was stable enough to get the movie with only two brakes in transmission.

    Half the problem is where its streaming from.
  13. F*cking brilliant mate!

    I couldn't play that where it used to be hosted, I'm rapt it came through on google video. Awesome racing.
  14. That was fcuking awesome!!!

    Is that the UK superbikes?, can anyone tell me what track that is they probably said it but i wasn't really listening to the commentators.
  15. Kee-rist! :shock:

    I'm surprised those guys don't have to sling saddlebags over the tank, to accomodate their balls... :LOL:
  16. The race is the NorthWest 200 http://www.northwest200.fm/ one of the toughest and fastset street races in the world (Ireland in this case)
    The commentators are Steve Parrish and Keith Heuwen, both retired GP riders and veterans of the brutal race themselves.
    Australia has a dubious connection with this race because in the late 70's or early eighties, (can't remember) our own Warren Willing had a near-fatal crash there wheich ended his promising GP career. Monty Swann, of Swann Insurance, was killed at the same race meeting.
    Have a look at the roll-call of madmen who've raced and won there....
  17. :shock: :shock: :shock:, that's all I can say.