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Nuzo says hello!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NuZiE, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. hey all! nuzo here! i kno the nick says nuzie! thats just becasue i failed on the first time i made an account :p

    wanting to go for my bike L's really badly! been saving all my pennies for some time now! waiting to get my first bike!

    ive been lurking here for some time, but only recently made an account and posted once or twice.

    Looking for an NSR 150SP in top condition (but realistically i think im too fat for one! khehe) or a ZZR-250. im a massive honda fan, but i cant justify spending so much on a CBR250RR if its gona be my first bike. might as well be something small and cheap, still strong enof for some fun! but if i drop it or scratch it, i wont be too botherd by it..

    Im 18, live in Abbotsford, Sydney NSW. Very close to fivedock! everytime i see a bike, i get all jittery, i love the way the move, the way they feel. the smooth power delivery from the 4 strokes, its like leading upto nothing but win!! :D

    but yeah! thats me :D hope i get to kno a few of u guys! and mebbe eventualy rock-up for some of ur learner riders days out n stuff like that :D

    Cheers all NuZo
  2. Hey NuZo, welcome to NR :grin:

    If you get all jittery just seeing a bike, imagine what you'll be like riding one!! :LOL:
  3. cheers for the welcome!

    and yeah! i already read that thread! i was thinking of driving past and seeing how many of u dudes there were! but dont have time atm :'(

    hopefuly by the end of april i will have my bike and my learners :D i hope!
  4. well the next 2 Wed will be our last till we move them to Sunday arvos at 3pm due to daylight savings ending..
  5. sat would be so much better for me! thats awesome! :D

    P.S. i love 2 strokes too :D i remember when i was younger. a mate of my dads had an NSR250... just wow... the sound that thing made was crazy!! but not too many of them left around anymore :S arrwellz!

  6. i did write SUNDAYS :)
  7. lol dam you did!!!

    either way! weekend is better in general :D khehehe cheers for that tho. wouldnt like to rock up on sat n be like where is everyone?
  8. Feel free to drop by in the cage if ya like .. see whats doing .. come and socialise .. there's a small carpark there just for your convenience :LOL:
  9. g'day nuzo,
    I remember when I was 18 and got all jittery over bikes on the street,
    and when I finally went for my L's and had my first ride on one I reckon I was stiff for a week (and I dont mean my back) :shock:

  10. BAHAHAHA nice man!! nice!!!

    and OzYoda, i might ! u cant miss me man.. i drive a 2 tone 1969 vw beetle :D red with beige doors :D