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Nuts, Duchess won't start after dash work

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chillibutton, May 7, 2016.

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    Any ideas on what's happened would be appreciated.

    I had to move the dash cluster which previous owner had epoxied to the handlebars. Bastard of a job but eventually detached it, then spend some time getting epoxy off the back of the dash. Involved some prising and hammering to get the bloody stuff off.

    Anyway, before refitting in correct spot, thought I'd test to make sure all working on. Huh, bike won't start. Was fine this morning. All dash lights come on ok, but engine won't start at all, just a clicking noise. Light and horn ok, but indicators not working either.

    I also took the handlebar clamp off to remove the epoxy there.

    Wtf, something shake loose in the dash? Or starter wire pulled loose?? Help!

    It's a Duc 696.

    Edit: hmm, wonder if it's s security thing as I had to disconnect the loom...?

    After but no start now...
  2. I can only think it must be a wire connection that you inadvertently loosened?
  3. Some possibilities:

    - Killswitch, side stand switch, clutch switch, etc.. Obvious but I've missed these more than once.
    - Weak battery, loose connection or poor ground/starter?
    - Reseat the dash connector after spraying some light contact cleaner on the pins/plug.

    Does the fuel pump prime and relay(s) click as you switch the key to ON?
  4. Yup sounds ok to me and relays click. Just no ignition. Have tried even with stand up, and clutch in, checked kill on/off. Night play with the dash connector a bit, otherwise it seems I'm on a loose wire hunt....
  5. So everything lights up normally, in neutral on the sidestand with ignition ON. Do you hear anything when you press the ignition button? Does the light stay on during this, or does it turn off?

    Blinkers not working makes it sound like a bad ground or a dash problem if the blinkers are controlled by the dash. Hows the brake lights on both levers?
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    Front Brake light was ok, didn't try rear. Pressing ignition results in clicking but no ignition.

    Do you think it could be that the immobilized has been activated somehow? Bike was running perfectly not an hour before...
  7. Relay click or solenoid click?

    What does the immobilizer cut?
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  8. I doubt it, but I'm not familiar with Ducs. You could try disconnecting the battery for an hour or so, but probably not your issue. I'd be inclined to find out why the blinkers aren't working before anything else. Could be as simple as a blown or corroded fuse, so definitely check those.

    Have you got a multimeter?
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    Good point re indicators,and no multimeter.

    Don't know the difference in sound to be honest, what's the difference? It clicks is all. Probably not immobilized as pointed out by harb - indicators not working...
  10. Could be a fuse. Check all of them finely and also the ports for corrosion. The main fuse could be separate from the others so keep this in mind.

    Could be a weak battery, which probably indicates a dying charging system. Multimeter, jumpstart (probably not a pushstart if the battery is too weak to power spark and fuel pump sufficiently) or charging the battery will tell the tale here.

    Could be a starter issue. Could try tapping it, wherever it is on the 696. Weird issue considering the blinkers, but they may not be related.
  11. Will check fuses next, the sound is one click followed by whirring from the depths of the engine which I assume is fuel pump priming.
  12. Hmm just scrolled menu and found a CAN error - so communication problem between ECU and instrument panel. Bugger, hope nothing has broken off in there! You tube here I come.
  13. Indicators may not work until engine start provides the extra ign circuit power.

    Any message on dash? (Ed: stupid phone didn't post)
    Tried other key?
    There are threads around net with info on programming key and overriding immobilizer
  14. Battery showing low as well. Wonder if that's it and it's a coincidence the dash work happened today?
  15. Some threads suggest Xmas tree dash and CAN line error when ovoltage drops below 12.50..

    Others suggest dirty plugs. Give them all a wiggle, or plug/unplug a few times to wipe the contacts
  16. I figured if the headlight is lit then there wouldn't be an extra circuit after engine start, but Italians do tend to do things "differently" :whistle: Kawasaki seems to have decided on cutting the headlight until at least cranking, but the blinkers work from the get go.

    Could be battery and just a coincidence. It would be a charging system problem if it starts on a jumpstart or after charging, most likely reg/rec. Once it's going make sure to see if it is charging. Best way is to look at the brightness of the light and rev the bike - it should get notably brighter.
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  17. chillibuttonchillibutton
    I've got a meter if you need it.
    Not too far from you.
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  18. my bad, you're right about that :bag:
  19. Again with Ducati anything could be the case, I'm not familiar. Australian standards might have something to say about it somewhere though.

    Dashes and ECUs hate low voltage. I can see an error showing up during a low voltage condition or because it is a stored code when the dash was removed if the key was turned.
  20. Thanks for all the input guys, it's in trickle charge now so will let you know how it goes...

    Fcuk I hate Ducati's way of over complicating everything. It's taken forever and about 765 screws to get the damn tank off! Used to my old xt500 where the side cover popped out and "viola" there was the battery!!!