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Nuts and Bolts !?!?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Sunflower, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. this may be a simple question ....

    I'm looking to replace the fairing bolts and round the screen on my CBR 250R MC19. I'm about to do a new shiny paint job and i want to make sure they bolts etc won't harm the paint work any suggestions of where to purchase a good set preferably a nice black? Wouldn't mind replacing the big Allen bolts on the duck tail as well not sure where to get them either any help appreciated.

  2. I know on my 900 the fairing screws have a little plastic washer so that they dont scratch. You could try finding some.

    For replacement screws and bolts you can go to your dealer or check bunnings/nuts and bolts shop. Check ebay too
  3. I checked bunnings today and ebay didn't really have anything I could say for sure would do the job. Will check out a few motorcycle shops and see how I go - was just hoping to get something nice maybe a little unique looking. And yeah the Nylon washers can be found most hardware shops. Thanks!
  4. Try checking a place that specifically sells nuts and bolts....
    I'm not sure where for in Sydney, I know there's a couple here in Vic, and it's usually much cheaper and easier and they tend to have same/similar parts easily than trying to get it from Auto parts/bike shops. :p
  5. I have found all sorts of bolts from Coventry fasteners for a restoration I am doing at the moment

    I went to the Alexandria store but there are a few in Sydney.

    Also try Fred's Tapping

    I have also found stainless steel bolts from marine suppliers.
    Try searching for "bolts and nuts" in the yellow pages. There are quite a few places in Sydney although some are more for building fasteners and other make bolts for bridges and the like!

    Take the old ones along if you can because you need to get the right pitch ( the distance between the threads) as well as the right diameter. Get the pitch wrong and you wont get the bolt into the hole or worse yet ,you will get it into the hole and strip and damage the threads on the bolt and the bolt hole requiring it to be re-tapped.

    You want hi tensile automotive stuff for anything bolting an engine together or holding critical things on like suspension components, brake callipers or foot pegs. I found out the hard way about not using mild steel bolts on a foot peg on my old paddock basher CT110 when one snapped off once when I stood on it with all my weight while riding over a contour bank at 50k's :shock:
  6. Thanks for help I managed to find what I needed at coventry fasteners in Alexandria! Yay!