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Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. #1 Ljiljan, Apr 24, 2010
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  2. saw that one a little while ago...
    breathtaking video.
    the lads from FastBikes magazine, apparently ex-racers
  3. I never realised how far your bum needs to slide off to corner effectively... 8-[

    EDIT: Oh wait... was that actually 'effectively' seeing as one of them slid off? Or are we blaming the road on this one?
  4. We're blaming them riding on a road not designed for it.

    It's not a race track, it's a public road. They know that and they knew the consequences.

    Wicked vid though :)
  5. Ahhhh no, no single bike accident is the fault of road design. 100% miscalculation by the rider. People crash like that on the track too.

    devochka: if you want to see how far off a bike you can get (with the right equipment, location and skill set) check out the elbow down thread :D
  6. I didn't say road design - i meant riding on a ROAD. period. it's not designed for racing motorbikes, and it's not designed for those speeds. re-read what i wrote.
  7. Again, still nothing to do with the road - it's the rider

    There is a road here that has a surface that is about the same as one of our tracks

    What about the Isle of Mann, Albert Park? ..... both have public roads that are used for racing.

    My point is that that accident could have as easily happened on a track too.

    Sick and tired of accidents being blamed on anything but the rider, it doesn't matter where you are, if you come off (in an accident like that) there is absolutly no one to blame but yourself.

    Devochka asked if he came off because he got too far off the bike, and asked about the road, I was just pointing out it was neither.

    oh and that didn't look like a race (there were a few times the guy with the cam could have passed and didn't). looked like two guys out having a fkn awesome time riding with each other.
  8. WTF??? I AM saying it's the riders fault. ffs.

    I'm saying he shouldn't have been riding on the roads at those speeds - it's not a fecking race track.

    The road is lovely, but I know the speed limit is a LOT lower than what they are traveling at.
  9. And what i'm saying is that the accident had nothing to do with arbitrary speed limits, or public v private track so why keep banging on about it?

    Devochka asked why he came off, you said it was because he was on a public road not designed for those speeds - total bullshit. He miscalculated the corner, made an attempt to recover it, couldn't and lowsided.
  10. Holster's right. From what I understand, french roads are designed pretty decently. Those bikes had a lot of lean left in them which the riders could have easily attained if they were trying. They weren't though, rather going at a speed they considered safe given their skill level. One of them screwed up. It happens.
  11. Yup, and you're not supposed to be riding at those speeds on those roads.

    I did say it was completely the riders fault going, but another factor is that they should not have been traveling at those speeds on it.

    Open your minds - there can be more than one reason.
  12. think most are still current racers. One of them is in wsbk
  13. watch this vid makes me want to stay away from bikes
  14. Then get off the forum ... ?

    You don't have to ride like them to ride a bike. :S
  15. Get yourself a nice bland scooter then. These bikes are designed to be ridden like that but lets face it the majority of sports bike riders are posers who just ride around the CBD going to cafes and beaches etc. There's plenty of memberships available in that club.
  16. The rider filming is "Shakey Burn", ex British Superbike Champion and currently racing in World Superbikes.

    Cheers, ratty

  17. I hate to brake the news to some but thats what riding a sports bike is about,its at the extreme end,way beyond my ability.And it nicely shows what happens when you don't leave a margin for error.70% was pushing the limit,the last 30% was a bit beyond the pale.
    By the shadows it looks very early in the morning and not a lot of traffic.
  18. :-s Looks just like a regular weekend ride with the crew (without the crash at the end though). 8-[ :biker:
  19. was thinking the same thing! 8-[
  20. I finally watched this all the way through!.....am I the only one who winced each and every time they crossed the middle line of the road???.... I thought it was a closed road... until the 1st oncoming car!!... :-s