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Nurburgring 1970

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, May 21, 2010.

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    Obviously seat belts weren't required back then :eek:

  2. Nothing much has changed. You can still pay your 50 Euros and crash yourself into oblivion on the 'Ring. Pretty scary having half your body out of the car like the person @34secs.
  3. the three bmw's at 1.07 look like a prototype drift team
  4. many classic cases of ambition exceeding ability :LOL:
  5. 1:36 with person coming OUT of door that just opens...

    Then 1:95 or so and the car is TOTALLED!

    4:05 and then the guy climbs THROUGH where the windscreen WAS!

    5:50 another door opens (what's with VW!?) and then the car on fire immediately after!

    7:05 - DO NOT BUY THAT CAR!!! Holy hell, it just totally died!!!!

    COOOOOL vid :D
  6. Can you imagine riding there? So many possibilities for disaster.
  7. sweet youtube find :)
  8. 23 Euro, actually! ;)

    ... and about 100 Euro for every metre of Armco they have to replace.

    Mind you, German road rules still apply on the track when it's in "public tollroad" mode.
  9. Gee how easy does the glass just shatter, amazing.
  10. Got rid of a lot of crappy cars.
  11. Few, if any of those cars would have had laminated glass windows, or even windscreens.
  12. 25 Euros for 1 lap.
    75 Euros for 4 laps.
    Can buy up to about 100 laps.
    (prices from 12 months ago)

    When I took the rented C180 K on the ring about 12 months ago it was pure chaos! :shock:

    996GT2 screaming by (sounding like a jet fighter) with supersports (don't ask me what - past too quick) just meters behind. =P~

    Car is bouncing and sliding around everywhere (tyres are normal road tyres and overheating and loosing grip about 5km into my lap) and as I'm sliding around a corner blokes on bikes are knee-down cutting in front of me mid corner literally 2 metres away from my headlights.

    To say that there are so many posiblities for disaster is an understatement. :eek:hno:

    You run what you brung. Road bikes, race bikes (bloke had a trailer there with a track 1098S and track MV F4 both with raceglass and slicks), road cars, race cars (on trailers) and 1 Avis Merc C180K!!!!!

    You approach a boom gate, stick your pre-purchased card in, boom gate goes up and away you go in whatever you're in/on at whatever pace you wish.

    Fun? Dangerous? Stupid? Real possiblity of something bad happening? Shityeah!!!!!
    If you walk away unscathed, good for you. If not, don't say you weren't warned :facepalm:

    Personally, one of my best experiences ever. \\:D/