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Numberplate surrounds on Special till the end of the month

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. https://netrider.net.au/store/pid-113-info.html

    A few commented on today's ride that they want to get a plate surround.

    Well now you can at a reduced price. They are now only $5

  2. I'd grab another but then front number plates are not required by law ... YET :roll:
    They are are great idea, easier to locate a fellow NR and invokes interest in other riders to check out this wonderful site.
  3. I put an order for 1 of these but will pick it up from either Vic or Jase next time I see you.
    Need one for the SV :)
  4. Jase doesn't have any and I work too much to socialise.

    It's in the mail ;)
  5. Too busy to socialise with ME?????? Pftttt.
    What do you call last Saturday night then? :p

    Send me the bill :p

    Cheers ;)
  6. :shock:
    ............. :-k
  7. I 'think' there were pics taken but I dunno if anyone is game enough to post them ; :oops:
  8. Well?????

    How does your rear look now??????
  9. Just because I'm a "soopa tops bloke"

    I'm going to leave them at $5 for the entire 5th month.

    1/6th they will revert back to $9.

    Get them while they are still on special ;)
  10. Still looks the same as it did yesterday. I got the surround in the mail today but spent a day having lunch, clothes shopping and generally having a chick day with Lenna so I haven't put it on yet ;)
    Thanx for the quick delivery and I promise to get my rear end dealt with asap :p
  11. Quick delivery comes naturally for me :p

    I can assist in dealing with your rear. I am Greek after all :p
  12. I'm feeling like an ultra soopa tops bloke this month. Because the 1st of June fell on a Sunday, this month will see the price remain at $5.

    Actually it has nothing to do with 1st of June falling on a Sunday :grin:

    I'll leave them at $5 until Jason realises :rofl: