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NSW Numberplate not fixed. Fight it?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by XJ6 Nick, May 8, 2016.

  1. Hey guys!

    First post here. Yesterday i was riding home from Old Pac, decided to take the M1/F3/Pacific Mwy instead of my usual route through Hornsby. As i came down the spiral onto the highway there was one of Ku-Ring-Gai's finest HWP cars parked *JUST* over the fog line. I rode past and he intercepted me 5 minutes later after following me for about 3kms.

    I wasn't doing anything wrong, had a good attitude towards the bloke, but he had the "I'm going to fill my quota today" attitude on when he stepped out of the car.

    He pinged me for my missing L plate, which must have fallen off somewhere earlier, which im cool with. Just a fine for that one. He then pinged me for my license plate being fixed incorrectly, 3 points and $500. I've had it on for 8 months, been RBT'd and all that and no one has said anything about it before.

    I told him i was happy to go home and fix it but he insisted on giving me the fine and points for it. Something about "Deliberately obscuring it for cameras"

    My question is, can i fight it? Surely a warning or a defect and fix notice would have sufficed? Hell i could have bent it there for him!



  2. What is the purpose in facing your number plate up to the Lord other than to make it more difficult for others to read?

    Clause 61(2)(b) of Schedule 2 Vehicle Registration Regulation 2007 requires that a number-plate is not obscured, defaced or otherwise not legible. Clause 61(2)(c) of Schedule 2 of the Regulation requires that a number-plate must be visible at a distance of 20 metres from it and within all the areas described by an arc extending at an angle 45 degrees above the top of the number-plate and 45 degrees forward of its edges.


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  3. no way will you win that one
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  4. In court, how could you defend the plate angled that way and lack of L plate as accidental? Everyone that doesn't put on their L plates says "they must have fallen off"... No cable.tied corner left?
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  5. Considering the angle of the registration plate - what appears more than 45° from vertical - I doubt this would be easily justified.

    I also have a Yamaha XJ6NL with a tail-tidy fitted. The registration plate is no more than 10°-15° from vertical.
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  6. You could maybe write a letter asking for leniency but chances are low. They probably get a lot of people with the same responses and not saying you did anything purposely but with the plods, the nutjobs rule and therefore all bikers are the same.
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  7. I think you should take it to court, see how you go

    Someone has obviously, but without you realising, severely bent up your number plate AND rotated the indicators back down to normal angle for visibility.
    You suspect the local pesky kids, and plan to sue them for damages if you catch them doing it again.
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  8. Justus, I saw that earlier this morning in another thread but thank you for re-posting it.

    I wasn't planning on fighting the "Not Display L Plates" infringement mate! And the cable ties were still there but the plate was gone. I do them tight enough so the whole plate disappears in the wind haha.

    Believe it or not, that's how the tail tidy came when i bought it! I haven't bent it up so that it would look "cool" or more "abstract" or compliment the lines of the bike. That's exactly how its sat since i fitted it 8 months ago!
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    Justice beat me to it..
    Clause 61(2)(c) of Schedule 2 of the Regulation requires that a number-plate must be visible at a distance of 20 metres from it and within all the areas described by an arc extending at an angle 45° above the top of the number-plate and 45° forward of its edges.

    Looking at it, if you measure 20M back and take another look within the 45deg rc, I think it would be visible, and more visible to a camera as is than vertical.

    I'd do the measurements, video/photograph it and if it checks out it is within spec, elect to have it heard. Police are ignorant of the Vehicle standard in this case, and to them if it isn't mounted perpendicular to the ground, it is out of spec, but that may not be the case if it was measured. Police also know that very very few people elect to have these matters heard, and even if you disagree with the TIN, most just pay it because they deem it too much hassle or too costly to challenge, when in fact it is quite simple.
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  10. I'd be interested to see a side on pic so we can really see how much it's angled up.

    But like everyone else here I think you have buckleys and I also think you've probably done it on purpose whether it's for looks or hard to identify.

    I got done years ago for the same thing. Mine was sitting at 90 degree to my duct tail and not even close to the angle of yours. I did mine for looks and I copped the fine on the chin. I also copped abuse from the the officer involving plenty of 4 lettered words as the day before he had been in a chase with the same bike as mine and lost him. (I was glad I had new tyres installed that morning as I could point out to him how could I have been in a chase with tyres that still have the little tags on them still)

    My point is he was probably the 2nd worst cop I've ever come across and was dying to pin me for anything possible. I knew to the letter of the law my plate wasn't right. I was also well aware that I had been riding like that for 18months and never been pinged before. But it didn't matter as the letter of the law states it was illegal. So I shut up and payed the fine.

    Perhaps you should too.
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  11. I wonder at what angle the car mounted ANPRs start having issues? they, plus police eyes, more likely to have issues than post mounted..
    But as they say, why try to hide something if you have nothing to hide?
  12. A mate was done 2 times for exactly the same offence and in the same area,he lives 5ks from The Old Rd. This was on his Adventure Bike,Husaberg with a big tank and the works done and his plate was bent a bit on each side,like lots of dirt bikes from falls. He even found a pic of cop dirt bikes with similar bent plates. He was fighting it last I heard, lately in Israel so don't know what happened. The are RED HOT on this and I expect reasonably so.
  13. What would i have to gain by bending the plate upwards?




    Do excuse the mess.
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  14. Give then an inch to write a BIG ticket item and watch them nearly wet themselves. Think yourself lucky you didn't have a camera on your helmet or none stamped mufflers or a tail tidy or blinkers to close together or no helmet stamp, pass that lot and something else with come to mind. You know you must comply, better get the book he uses. I wonder how thick it is. Seems to be a new one every couple of months. The number plate one would peak most of these,they love there Cameras.
  15. If that is the stock, standard rear plate mount and tail light assy then I would think you could have a case for court as it would be as per the ADR. If there has been any change or modification of the rear assy then forget it. Won't help with the missing L's though.
  16. by bending it upwards static cameras and anyone behind you may have difficulty reading your plate...
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  17. Especially the speed cameras on the dash of the cars or the number plate one which checks for registration or license as you drive past.
  18. I think you're gone mate, cop (excuse the pun) it on the chin and move on.
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  19. That sucks, I just did a Tail Tidy on ny VTR250, going to look at how my number plate is positioned...

    Btw, I rode that exact rode yesterday too and my L plate come off and I was stressing about a fine. Is the L plate just a fine or points as well? I though it included points?
  20. $250 and 3 points. It's an uppercut for something that can come off so easily.
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