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VIC Number Plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jaguarfanster, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. I finished roadworthying my motorcycle and had it registered yeterday. All excited I must have poorly affixed the number plate to the bike before heading onto a celebratory ride on the Black Spur.

    Anyway at Healesville, to my horror, I discovered that the plate had fallen off at some point. So now I have to order a replacement from VicRoads. Yes, I'm an idiot, I know. Regardless they charge about $30 per replacement plate. So I was wondering.

    Is it legal to have a custom plate made, with the same registration details of course, as opposed to the standard blue and white plate? I've noticed a few sites like this, http://www.plateproviders.com/ep_motorcycle.html, offering remade plates. The price isn't that much more than Vicroads.


  2. Yes, it is legal to have one made. Just not legal to use it as a substitute for an official plate.
  3. Haha ok, was worth a try.
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  5. Oh, because officially they cost $125, whilst through 3rd parties it's about $40. The replacement fee is about $30. So I was wondering if it were possible.

    Out of curioisty what's the charge if an police officer stops someone running these aftermarket plates.

    I can't imagine it'd be "failure to display licence plates".
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  7. In Victoria, aftermarket plates are considered forgeries if you make your own! (Vic plates only)
    These sites you are referring to are sellers of Vicroads plates as Vicroads no longer handle them directly.
    They (vicroads) still get paid for the rights to them though.
    That's right, you never own them, just the right to display them!!
    The extra is their commision on top! Just get them through the Vicroads link & save the $$
  8. My plate was damaged recently & I went to Vic Roads for a replacement.
    Rather than pay the $30 for a plate, it was cheaper to be re-issued with a new rego.
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  9. Following up this thread. Went to Vic Roads today and got a new plate, rego sticker and rego holder. All up $16. The website is inaccurate, motorcycle replacements are not $30.
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  10. awesome.

    i remember repeatedly seeing someone driving around with plates they had made up themselves.

    it was one of those XYZ-888 for luck number plates, on a black honda civic (or such).
    it was completely flat, with the wrong font, and red letters on a black background.

    it always occurred to me that those plates would be next to the hardest things to recognise with the tolling cameras.
    i continually wondered how they managed to go so long without being caught for the offence.
  11. That's just asking for trouble. Although to get around to Vic Roads and such I may or may not have printed out "paper plate" :p. I (would have) used number plate fonts from the internet, and printed/laminated to specified sizes. Here's what it (would have) looked like.


    For legal reasons this is all theoretical and not an admission. However I do suppose it's better than a number-less fender. Well just for one plate-less day.
  12. Yeah don't understand that one. Was the same with may car. Pay 3 times more and way for it to come in about 2 weeks, or pay a lot less and get new plates.
  13. So you a relaxed and safe ride home, not being bothered at all by all the roadside revenue raising paraphernalia.......:applause:

    Surely this is good, and more people should do it....
  14. Yeah pretty much. I was pleasantly surprised to have not been pulled over. I even went past a VicPol cruiser. Perhaps he didn't see my tail, who knows. Surely stolen bikes have similar missing plates. Given my unhampered ride, I don't have much confidence in recovering stolen vehicles.