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Number Plates ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CruiseOrLoose, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Hey All,

    this might be something different

    but i want to get a custom number plate for my cbr250rr

    any suggestions. i thought id ask around before i get something that will make me look like a total idiot. Or do custom plates just make u look like a total idiot ..... :facepalm:`

  2. Why would you pay good money just to make it easier for certain folk to remember/report your plate???
    I get upset if I end up with even a couple of consecutive numbers or a double, that stuff is way too easy to remember..
    Sorry, unless of course you never bend any road rules or upset anyone.
  3. very true

  4. Good point. I do however, fancy the black and red metallic plates. If you must get the colour plate to match your bike, perhaps go with your bike model initials then just some random numbers. My tip anyway..
  5. I have a custom plate and revhead is correct, I was approached by a cop on duty at Moomba, reckons I ride like a maniac :? I know, stupid thought but hey, he's still a probationary cop after all ;)

    WMW or MWM are the best plates to get :D (y)
  6. 1II1I


  7. The problem for the OP lies with the fact that anyone who knows of classy plate names that aren't already taken are not going to share it in this thread.
  8. This.

    Also, custom plates are $495 in vic, on top of your rego, that's a lot of oil changes for a CBR250!
  9. One Sunday a few years ago I was having a "leisurely cruise" and spied three headlights approaching rapidly from behind me.
    Naturally I decided to "get out of their way" and applied a fair bit (100%) right wrist.
    I watched them leave me like I was sitting still, had a glance at my speedo and tacho: 12,000+, top slot, cbr1000 (old).
    Couple of days later I was doing a job (mechanical) for a bloke and we started talking bikes.
    Showed me his smick duke, when I walked to the back I recognised his distinctive plate!!! On questioning he told me that ,yes he and two other police officers had been for a gentle ride that Sunday!!!!
  10. Suggestions? For a CBR250RR?

    How about LRNER.

    Save your money from when you are on your blacks.

  11. Or just transfer the plates to your new bike when you upgrade
  12. How many Oil changes?
    We don't pay for it annually like NSW people too.
  13. Yeah make sure that you move the LRNER plate to your new 1000.
  14. My humblest appologies. I must have missed where he/she said that he/she was getting LRNER as his/her new plates. :-s
  15. How about

    PEN 15
  16.  Top
  17. I don't think eat me would really work on a bike.

    Unless someone was checking their mirror as you ride in the opposite direction.
  18. Just checked a few possibilities with PPQ and for a mere $2295 you can get "DONOR" - Surely a must for any of us who regularly head out on 2 wheels?
  19. If i didnt want to be hard to remember id go for it!
  20. just curious do all the people saying they want to be hard to remember have plates such as II1III or xx00x0?

    Fairly certain that unless you have plates like this, the person you have effected will remember your plate