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VIC Number Plates to Carry Safety Message

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adprom, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. I'm not against the concept of this, but I just have to wonder where it is going. Certainly against any implementation involving TAC or MUARC. In fact, any implementation that is propaganda I'd be against.

    Something like "Are your skills up to it?" to promote people getting driver training I would be up for...


  2. Ah ffs - missed it - sorry. (oops reminded you - wasn't actually same topic)

    I think I'll just retire to whatever bottle of whatever is nearby while I'm only a bit behind.
  3. I will not have some shit written on my plate by some political ********.
  4. Nah it deserves a different thread but it does smack of social engineering.
  5. Agreed.

    I'm just being a raging numpty.
  6. just slightly...

    I wonder what will be next? A flashing readout that says we are going to fast that replaces the speedo?
  7. I think that it will create as much safety as the old one created gardeners. Taxpayers money wasted. Just leave the bloody things alone and hire some cops to actually police the road from idiots.
  8. "Victoria - The Nanny State"
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  9. You got it in one!
  10. Victoria - The Fascist State
  11. Victoria - *BANG* Halt or I'll shoot
  12. In really small letters across the bottom so you have to bend forward to read what it says:

    "Victoria - Drop Pants and place hands on bonnet"
  13. "Victoria - Every motorist for themselves.."

    Seems to go along with the "It's your responsibility..." theme..
  14. I remember taxis in Singapore having a flashing light on the roof as well as an audible alarm inside that both went off when they were speeding. Not sure if they still have these.
  15. At the moment you can request a plate without a slogan - I wonder if they'll still allow that.
  16. Victoria - The revenue state
    Victoria - Smile for the camera
    Victoria - The harrasment state
    Victoria - The nanny state
    Victoria - WRB's are good for you
    Victoria - Spray aggrigate is safe
    Victoria - It's up to you, cos we couldn't care less
    Victoria - Lets just blame it on speed

    So many more... where to begin...
  17. Not safety related, but I like the one on 3LO this morning:

    Victoria - Just some old queen
  18. Nailed it in one, Thera.
  19. Given that WA was briefly billed as "The State of Excitement" on its rego plates, the slogans used smack more of wishful thinking and sympathetic magic than as having any discernible effect on anything.