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Number plates growing legs!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by WiseGuy, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. I need some advice... Some joker has been stealin the number plate on my bike. Its been stolen three times in six months and I'm starting to get real tired of fronting up to the RTA to get new plates.

    Has anyone got any ideas on how I could stop this. I thought of filling the screw holes with superglue or filing them smooth but I don't know how effective it wil be.. I also thought of sharpeing the edges to a knife point so they injury themselves next time (devious I know) they try it...

  2. hi Wiseguy, what sort of bike? I am thinking there might be a trick bit of kit in the way of a number plate holder etc in metal you could mount up, but have the plate tack welded to it, then lock tight/glue the nuts etc on how ever this is mounted to the bike, On the sharpening side, chance's are you'll cut your self cleaning..,. i do and my bike is blunt..
  3. Try using one way screws or pop rivets.

    Although, if you make it too hard to get them off they may do damage in trying to get them off.
  4. Might be an idea to put loctite on to the screws so it's a hell of a job to unscrew (but not impossible) which might make the person(s) think the screws are glued/welded on.


  5. there are plate safe screws.

    you can only screw them in, can unscrew them because of the way the screw head (is that the proper term for the bit where the screwdriver goes??) is designed.

    I know you can get them in QLD, I think from police stations or the Dep't of transport (so I think I heard at the motorshow back at the beginning of the year!).

    South Australian police stations also have stocks of them as well...

    am sure if you got intouch with your local cop shop they could sort you out!

    make sure you report it though - someone could be using your plates for all sorts of things!!
  6. How about taking it off the bike for a few months when you get home?
    Put some male press stude on the bike, and female press studs in the number plate. The plate will snap on and off then.
    Or cover the plate with horrible, sticky wheel bearing grease!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. nah rivet it. Or get some tork T8 screws. If you find someone selling em let me know could I could use some. T8 screwdrivers are really bloody rare. So are the screws. No crook is gunna have one and nothing else works. But riveting would be quicker and easier
  8. Mace bomb triggered by mercury switches, quickly run outside once you here it's been set off and tazer them.

    Spiked pit as utalised in jungle warfare, park the bike infront of a small hole you have dug and line the bottom with spikes and cover over. Should be positioned so they have to stand on the pit to remove plate.

    All highly illegal in this country, you may have to dispose of the body to avoid possible arrest. WARNING, do not dispose of un-dead courpses.
  9. I have 2 recommendations, one a lot cheaper and funnier than the other but it will cost you a plate:
    1) Get yourself an alarm for your bike. Any motion and it will go off, and there will be enough motion with someone unscrewing your plate. When it goes off, you can go out and say hello. Just bear in mind that he is probably armed with a screw driver.
    2) You could booby trap your plate by making some paste from henna powder (a lot of) and mixing it with some essential oils and placing it on the black numbers and round the back of the plate. It leaves some nasty assed brown stains on human skin that take weeks to come out. Have a look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henna
  10. Just glue the thread and/or drill the screw head out. Wont be going anywhere.

    What are the chances you will ever change your plate?

    If you do have to ever remove it its not impossible.
  11. mods - please delete. Double post.
  12. Hmm... I like the sound of this black henna... where would one get that stuff? it could come in handy for all kinds of situations :)
  13. I hope you are also reporting this to the police. Replacing your number plate at the RTA (or VicRoads) still leaves the existing number plate registered to you according to the police. The only way the police know it is stolen is if you report it to them.

    (I had my plate stolen, and based on advice from here I reported it to police as well - two weeks later police called me saying that they caught a guy hooning on a stolen bike, and the way they knew it was stolen initially was that when they ran the license plate through their system the plate came up as stolen because I reported it)
  14. Two words.... Electric Fence, he has to touch the plateto remove it and if you hide the wires well enough (you could even run a permanent wire to the front of the bike) he wont know where to stop it :twisted:

    Failing that, a special type of screw of some sort...
  15. Good point. Thats on the rise in the UK for ram raiders and fuel thieves (the latter being more likely). Best report it and keep all of your plate receipts!

    cb250goespop, you should be able to buy henna powder online:

    http://www.natureshop.com.au/Nature Shop Fruit Extracts.htm#Botanicals
  16. :grin: GENIUS, revenge without harm. Spud, did you think of this? cos if you did you are one smart cookie.

    Anyway, are you plates custom or just normal issue? and are you getting new plates or just replacement plates everytime? Just trying to understand why this theft is being repeated.


  17. Theft of number plates does seem fairly common, and on the rise. I had that happen twice (possibly once, the other time might've fallen off by itself), and the people at RTA did not seem at all suprised when I reported this. You cannot get replacement plates, every time this happens you get different ones, then you have to adjust all your records, insurance, log books.. as well as reporting it to the cops, for your own protection. It's a bloody hassle.
  18. Thank you very much Motard! I just thought of it while reading the initial post and asking, "what would I do?". I would probably use blowfish poison instead of henna, but the principle is the same. :grin: I did get henna powder on my hands once (sister is into art), and the bloody stuff never comes out, and it looks like you wiped your arse with your hands. The good thing is that if you go out and see that the plate is gone, you will laugh your leg off and want to be in the same room as that guy when he washes what he thinks is oil off his hands. In addition, all you have to do is look for a guy with brown streaky hands and you have your plate thief.
  19. yeah i am with jmuzz aswell - screwing the head out will certainly make it harder for them. BUT the risk is they may get themselves a cordless drill and drill it out. They could possible damage the bike in this process.

    Perhaps a panic alarm???? gaffa taped to the bak of the plate and then attached to the other half to the bike, that would stop them. They cost about $20. The 110db alarm would scare them away - probably without the plate too :p

    booga has a good idea - i would be careful about linking it to the bike though - i wouldnt want it to effect the precious! Perhaps parking the bike somewhere else could work???? (if possible)