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number plate

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Best numberplate i've heard of was TI3VOM

    I know it looks like a nothing at first glance, but imagine your riding and it comes up behind you and you see the numberplate in your mirror :grin:
  3. for a wrx:

  4. 3MTA3 :wink:
  5. aight heres a few...

    i saw this on a 2006 BMW 323i = YBSHY4 (WHY BE SHY FOR)

    i saw this on a pink evo HOT blondie driving = MKUWET (MAKE U WET!!!)

    i saw this at a car show= KEEPUP

    i saw this on my mates R6 = INSNE ( INSANE)

    best of all my mate had this on his VL = FKCOPZ (F*CK COPZ)
  6. Brilliant :LOL:

    When my bike gets registered you'll laugh when you see pic of Reg
    I'm getting.
  7. Plates on new bike: F*CK YOU



  8. 3MTA3 was banned by the NSW RTA

    And I seriously doubt VicRoads would ever seriously consider allowing FKYU to ever be issued. All online applications for personalised plates are subject to approval
  9. Nah its fine. They contacted me about it today. :p
  10. Funniest one I've seen was from Florida A55 RGY. It dosn't seem to bad, but in Florida the plates have a picture of an orange in the middle that is the same height as the letters and numbers. So put something that looks like a O between the 5 and the R.
  11. You were right in the end Doonx.

    Nearly got away with it!

    I received a 2nd call the following day from a Manager advising previous
    decision to process order had now been withdrawn "as the application has been
    deemed inappropriate".

    Stupid thing is, the selection has still not been added to the ban list & is still

    Anyway my subsequent application went thru successfully so should get the plates
    in the mail within 10 days. No phone calls & my credit card has been debited.

  12. Got a few funny looks last night down the bay with mine, can some people get a sense of humour when they buy their new jappa :LOL:
  13. What you got Thomo?

    BTW, you still selling those tops? Wanted to get one
    when Shrek got his. Only just thought of it as I typed
    this post. :roll:
  14. In the paper was a story about a mistaken number plate reading: MYSTFY

    EIther Mystify, or My Stiffy. Either or.
  15. Almost as good as my efforts.

    Seeing Bi Gal on a number plate, speed up to check HER out and it was BIG AL :oops:

    Ugly sucker he was too :grin:
  16. Best I know of was years ago in SA>

    Bright orange laser full of indigenous gentlemen.

    numberplate JAFFA. :LOL: