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Number Plate Stolen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. #1 Bravus, Apr 21, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2013
    ...from the back of my bike, in the carport out the front of the house. Left the bolts beside the bike on the floor.

    Rang the cops and let them know - presumably the plate was taken for some nefarious purpose I don't want coming back on me.

    Guess we'll see what happens: 85 bucks, I think, to replace it.
  2. Hmm, interesting that people would steal bike plates; how many bikes get used in the commission of a crime.
    Anyway, hope it's satisfactorily resolved....
  3. I had one go missing off my bike last year. Cost me $25 l think from memory. You have a choice of the same plate or purchase a new one on the spot at Vic Roads.
  4. Petrol theft?
    Hide from speed cameras?

    I heard that if your personal plate goes missing, you can't get replacements .
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  5. Kinda hope it's just someone who wants to do 200 on the M1, not any sort of crime against people...

    You wouldn't think it'd be worth it to steal a bike tank (20 bucks) worth of fuel...
  6. Unless you don't mind getting stopped more often, you are better off getting new plates. Until the original is found and returned to the Roads Authority, the registration is flagged stolen.

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  7. This is true

    Sadly I've put some thought into this and I've decided, due to my advanced training in making answers up, the thieves stole it to clone a bike
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  8. Yes, that's why l purchased a new one. Liked the old one just 2 letters IV & numbers whereas the new one had the current configuration
  9. Just wrapping this up: better than I expected.

    A form and $26.50 at the the motor registry and I'm on my way with a new plate.
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  10. Bit crap you have to pay money to be a victim of a crime. I'd figure with all the revenue from pointless speed cameras they'd be able to shout you a new bit of aluminium. Obviously not! :)
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  11. Weld the new one on.
  12. Your old number plate wasnt BOOBS or PEN 15 was it?

    Could be someone trying to commit a crime with it but I'd say that number plate theft would always be reported quickly and you can't do a lot with one after stealing it. My bet is it had the theifs initials or something.
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  13. I agree. Seems pretty crap that as a victim of a crime, you have to pay. Fair enough if the thing had fallen off or something due to some kind of negligence on your behalf, but if it was stolen?
    Is it just me that thinks that they should be paying me to have a plate on the bike, rather than the other way around?
    After all the plate is not for my benefit. I can quite easily identify my bike without it!
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  14. im not saying charging for a replacement it right, but what happens if your bike is stolen? you pay excess.

    and if it was free for a new plate after one was stolen... wouldnt all those people that had lost or have one fall off just report it stolen to get a free plate?

    also, you dont own the plate, you are lent it from the (whatever authority).
    you require it to show that you have paid the toll (for lack of a better word) for public roads. they collect the 'toll' and lend you a piece of metal so you can show you have paid it

  15. Did you take a notice from the police that you had reported the theft? It was my understanding that if you did, the charge was waived? Perhaps I had been misinformed or things have changed?

    Also Justus is spot on regarding plates still being listed as stolen. Wouldn't want the extra hassle.
  16. Had my car plates stolen and reported it to the Police. I was given a piece of paper with reason for missing plates and told to go to VicRoads as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I still had to pay for my plates ($28 or something) which I wasn't happy about. Add to that, I had just purchased an exempt plate for my trailer which I paid $27.50 for that could not be used seeing as it had the stolen plate numbers on it. *shakes fist*
  17. Have you had the details changed on your bike insurance?
  18. Good call, thanks for the reminder, will do that right now.
  19. Don't forget your e toll account as well if you have one.