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Number plate recognition

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Out in force in high street rd wantirna today, just near cathies lane.
    Seemed to have quite a few customers too.
    Expect warrants, no reg, unlicensed etc etc.

    Have seen them out quite a few times now, a sign of the times perhaps.

    Of course it is about safety, not revenue. Isnt it.

    And the customers come to them, they dont even have to chase them!
  2. I like it when I see them out there.
    I dont want to be hit by Mr got no licence, or Mrs got no rego.
    A higher than average percentage of the unlicenced and unregistered driver also test positive to driving under the infulence of drugs and alcohol.. Do you like sharing the roads with them?

    And what do you expect the authorities to be doing? Its better than just putting up more speed cameras.
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  3. ^ yeah, it's great to see them out there. But seriously, these offenders just get back in their cars. Many are so far in the poo that that don't give a toss anyway and will continue to drive.
    I've no solution bar locking them all up but we'd need a few more Big Houses for that!
  4. lara bingle anyone................
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  5. Atleast (in theory) if your not doing the wrong thing you got nothing to worry about. Beats getting pulled over and "randomly checked" all the time.
  6. I don't think there is any argument that this is about revenue, not safety (although there is an obvious safety benefit as pointed out above) and I have absolutely no qualms with this. It is no different from having scanners at shop entrances to stop shop lifters. If you don't want to pay to be on the road then don't drive simple as that, and those cheaping the system I hope you get caught and have to pay.
  7. *puts on flame suit*

    I guess it's far easier than asking the questions

    Why are we catching more and more suspended/unlicensed drivers/riders?

    When overzealous policing see's people being penalised for victimless crimes like speeding and losing their license as a result, many have no choice but to continue to drive so they don't lose their job and potentially their home.

    There will always be a very small percentage of people who will drive while suspended no matter what however the fact more and more people are being caught means that the system is broken. If you get a suspension in Vic there is no right to appeal, if you need your license for work or you don't have readily accessible public transport tough shit.

    So in all likelihood you'll get the arse from work, sign on the dole, so you can still feed your kids and you can forget paying the average rent or making those mortgage payments...sounds like a level punishment for racking up some speeding fines or exceeding the limit by 25kph doesn't it!

    A suspension with specific exceptions for work use would be far more workable, stop people driving while suspended due to fear of losing their job and would still be a deterrent to most people.

    If it meant potentially losing the ability to make an income and provide for the family I think most usually law abiding people would risk it. There would be no need for number plate recognition at all if the authorities were not turning road users into criminals.
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  8. This bit right here ^^

    If you lose your licence for breaking the law (yes that's right, breaking the law) and you drive again after losing said licence, who was holding the gun to your head to make you do so?

    No one in the government, RTA/VicRoads, NSW/VIC police is turning anyone into a criminal. People go out and manage to do that by themselves.

    I certainly don't want someone who is unreg/unlic/uninsured to crash into me and any police car out there that is ANPR equipped makes me feel the numbers of said drivers will be getting reduced.
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  9. Spot on - anyone that doesn't possess the mental capacity to recognise that their actions have contributed to their loss of licence should never have received one in the first place.

    How someone can complain after losing a licence AND then go to drive/ride again is just simply a complete and utter idiot.
  10. He he he. When thousands of people, every day, every week are "breaking the law" then it says more about the stupidity of the law than the person breaking it.
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  11. Yes, I'm sure the Jews in Nazi Germany felt exactly the same way.
  12. 11 posts for Godwin's law, doing well guys,
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  13. No, that is exactly what they are doing by making tolerances ever tighter, lowering limits to artificially low levels, introducing single white lines on country roads where it is safe to overtake...the list goes on and on.

    They KNOW people in these circumstances will make their own assessment and exercise their own judgement and those that do run foul of the law, the mindless sheep who wipe off 5 and do what their told fly under the radar...no matter how appalling their driving/riding skills are. I would rather share the road with a driver who may not have a license but at least knows how to actually drive than half of those ****ing twits.

    Let me pose a question to you...

    If data shows that you are catching more and more unlicensed drivers, the number of drivers caught exceeding the limit and the revenue from that is going through the roof and yet the number of road deaths is basically static and has been for quite some time before the governments single minded focus on speed...would you say that overzealous enforcement is a success or would you think that people are breaking laws that they don't agree with? If a large number of people don't agree with those laws do you think they should be changed/repealed?
  14. When revenue generated from these supposed law breaking criminals is factored into state budgets, it's at about this point these laws loose all credibility. And you understand who exactly the real criminals are here.
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  15. Revenue raising, huh?

    In my opinion, the Government will raise the revenue it needs, no matter what. I'd rather them raise it trough voluntary contributions from people who think they know best and are happy to break the law, than from me through ways that I have no choice to avoid, such as fuel taxes etc.....

    In my view, people that break road rules are either incompetent and don't notice it, in which case I don't want to share the roads with them, or they make a conscious choice to break the law knowing full well that if they get caught they'll be asked to contribute to the revenue stream. And if you take a gamble and lose, don't sook about it!
  16. Bart, are you going to tell us you haven't been booked for umpteen years now?

    Can you say honestly that you've never accidentally exceeded a speed limit once in the last three months. Categorically never?? Ever rolled/decellerated into a lower speed zone and managed to be above the limit for a short period of time? At least once in the last three months maybe?

    Well best you voluntarily hand in your license. Over a three year period you SHOULD have accumulated 12+ demerit points, but you've gotten away with it! This perhaps makes you more of a danger on the roads because from the stand point of the current legal road safety philosophy, you are a bloody menace, a total accident waiting to happen. You are an unpalatable risk to the roads. Since you accept the moral authority of the law in this area, you are now duty bound to remove yourself from the roads for at least three months.

    PM me and I'll give you an address you can send you license to for three months safe keeping.

    Actually, what do you drive/ride? Next time I'm in Geelong, I will keep an eye out so that I can avoid you.

    ...you think it sounds absurd don't you?

    You're now saying, "well, if someone get's done by the same camera's 12 times in 3 years, they deserve to be off the roads!"... well it doesn't make any difference mate. That's not relevant to the point.

    A mate of mine was threatened with 9 demerit points worth of offences for filtering bumper to bumper near stand still traffic on the Westgate freeway. That would have put him off the road. Would HE now become one of the incompetents that you don't want to share the roads with?

    In the population of unlicensed drivers, there IS a significant percentage of bad, recidivist, alcohol influenced drivers - afterall, that's how they got there in the first place. The population has a self selection bias towards these kinds of drivers. But there's also a significant percentage of low risk folk who are being tarred with the same brush. You SHOULD be one of these Bart. These folks will, in order to live in this society, pay their mortgages, feed their families, be forced to face additional fines and jail time in the face - and all because of beige cardigans demanding a tough of road crime stance. The option to pay society a debt in an alternative way has been removed and the fines and penalties are mandatory. Has this been at all helpful for road safety?? :-k

    If you could give up your Sundays for six months to dole out soup to the homeless, you would be doing society a great deal more good than staying off the roads. That's a lot of time to think about your riding/driving.

    If you could have a work hours curfew license so that your family didn't break down due to mounting bills, having to lean on Salvos and centrelink, you would be doing a great deal more good for society than if you stayed off the roads... or don't you agree?

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  17. Wonder how many of the unregistered's are caused by the ridiculously high cost of registration and CTP these days, especially given all the other bill stresses, shocks, and even the day to day outrageously high cost of just living in this state.

    @ approximately $650 per year for rego, thats nearly $2 per day.

    Think its about time the government got a swift kick up the ar$e...

    1] CTP the licence holder/operator not the vehicle. ( a person can own multiple machines but cannot be operating more than 1 machine at a time )

    2] Stop the government ripoff ie. the government's annual TAC dividend...

    3] Given computers do all the work these days, quarterly or 6 monthly payment options for all.
  18. For unlicensed/unregistered I reckon it is. If someone's driving an unregistered vehicle without a license, they probably won't pay the fine either. There's not much revenue to be raised by targeting deadshits with a history of non payment.
  19. I guess I would say that is law enforcement working. I lived in a country were law enforcement was not existent and road deaths were over the top. I never even thought of owning a bike there as possibility of getting killed was more certainty that possibility. We had the same point system in place but seeing as there was no fear of getting caught the stupid in most came out.

    If you break the speed limit and get caught that is your own fault. Yes I don’t always ride on the speed limit but there is a place and time for everything.
  20. I have said many times, all money from camera's should be seperated from the government (give it to chairties, overseas countries etc who f*(king cares so long as not one cent goes to the government) make the governement responisble for all up keep costs of there safety camera's and I give them 6 months before all but a few are still in use.
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