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Number plate on the WRR or WFWY

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slickncghia, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. If anyone happens to find a number plate, possibly attached to some LED indicators on the Western Ring Road or Westgate FWY.... PM me and i will be very gratefull to not have to go see vicroads.



  2. Please explain.
  3. His exhaust would rattle the gold teeth from a colombian drug lord (while he is still in colombia!) and am guessing he did not use lock nuts!!

    Ben ben ben.....
  4. its more the fact that my half assed exhaust mount broke.

    then whilst designing a better mount i used a temporary mount....which was only about an 1/8th of an ass and comprised entirely of zipties.

    long story short there was some meltage ....plus i only recently put the tail light unit back on after a trackday and being an idiot maybe wasnt in the most secure condition it had ever been.

    so yeah....its gonesky, somewhere.

    but a new unit and new indicators will fix it all up, plus when the new mount is nice and sweet she will be all good again....but finding the plate would save some stuffing around with vicroads
  5. Mate I think it's getting close to time for you to change rides :LOL: That bike is cursed.
  6. oh i agree. infact it was on the way home from inspecting another bike...

    i think diz got jealous and chucked a fit(bit)
  7. that sucks dude!! time to upgrade for a better model ;)
  8. That SV at my place is for sale still, going cheap...
  9. I came back from the Grampians about 11:30am or so this morning entered at the Blackshaws Rd entry, didn't see any debris that might be a number plate from that point to the Todd Rd exit.
  10. it probably got completely blown up during a backfire

  11. hehe you should see the photo :)

    ahh its all good ive already got some of the parts to replace it and apparently the No plates are pretty cheap. just goto get a new tail unit from somewhere
  12. Are you sure the number plate was not embarresed and didn't want to be seen with you anymore? :LOL:
  13. It's probably gracing the back of the finder's bike - you'll know when all the camera fines start coming in... :p
  14. i have lost 4 plates in the last 18 months, 3 in the hills and 1 in Berlin, on a side note, you can use a hand made one (printer ut on paper etc) as a short term, the police dont have a form for lost (non-stolen) plates and the Vicroads 24hr number does not deal with lost either, my experiance with 4 police in two cars surrounding me on Queens Pde was ok after i exlpained I had tried to call vicpol and vicroads, I carried the rego papers once i reliazed the plate was gone.. al
  15. Not sure you'll NOT get a fine. I've had mates pulled up by the special solos up in the bush and threatened with tickets for using a sticker version with their correct number.
  16. well a new one costs $14.60 if anyone wants to know

    finding another tailpiece is the expensive/tough bit though

    its just a pain in the arse being without a bike though

    im just glad my new rego still has LAMS on it....fooooools :LOL: :twisted:
  17. true true.. the stickers are not looked upon with happiness for sure, the print out is just an option from after close of Vicroads till the nxt time it opens...

    looks like the cost has gone up as well...
  18. hahah is there any pics of your biek online, mate?

    lets jsut say i've heard alot aobut it, yet havent even heard it yet, im rather curious :p
  19. I'm just as curious :wink:
  20. heres some pics just cause you asked 2 oldish ones

    and to ones from its second trackday (the first was the night before ;))

    commuter extrodinaire ...note the special bike parking bay...i'm well loved