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Number plate mounting

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by disassembled, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. A very simple question.

    Just got my new NSW rego plate and the mounting holes on my rear fender are narrower than the ones on the plate. I bought a rego tube as well which is designed for the wider number plate mounting holes, so i don't want to drill the number plate out. (As my old plate was)

    Now basically, would it be normal practice to just drill the new holes in the fender, or would you make up some sort of bracket to fix this. I presume most bikes have the narrower mounting holes.


  2. Either drill holes in the number plate, or get small mechano plates to join them up. I know a scooter with the mechano method, it has a 4cm or so piece attached to the number plate, then attached to the fender, on both sides.

    I used a bench press drill to do mine, and had no problems at all. If you go nice and slow it will be very neat.
    In regards to the rego, I would normally mount it below the plate on the existing holes, rather than off the fender. My current bike has it on the side rather than back, Left hand side in the open is legal, right is not. Its something to do with being able to check the sticker without walking out into traffic.
  3. Which I've never understood.. how many bikes do you see parked parallel with the street? :roll:
  4. I think its more to do with when you get pulled over, but then, theres a car behind you. The bike isn't going to be further out than the car? :|
    I think its more a leftover from cars, Still. Its better not to risk it, try not to have any easy things to be booked for. Can't make their job too easy, Get creative! :LOL: