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number plate light illegal?????

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistit, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Hi all, im about to register my dirt bike which is an XR400, i have to go through the blue slip process to get it done.

    My question is, do you have to run that ridiculous number plate holder (a big bulky thing thats bolted to the rear guard and has a built in light)??

    I was thinking i could just bolt the number plate to the rear guard and have the tail light illuminate the plate??

    Will not having this on be illegal or what??
    Any knowlage out there???
    BTW im in NSW

  2. I think you'll find they'll expect the bike to be fullly legal, even if they know you're going to strip half the gear off as soon as it's done. (Unless, of course, you live in a remote rural area, where things can be a little slacker!!)
  3. AFAIK, as long as the numberplate isn't obstructed, you're ok. :)
  4. Wot hornet said...

    Although you may get away with it if you get a taillight lens with a clear "window" on the lower side that doubles as a number plate light.

    (easy enough to mod an existing lens) Give an inspection station or the RTA a call, they'll soon tell you.


    (edit) And welcome to netrider as well, hope you enjoy your internment :D
  5. geez, they were some fast replies, thanks. So you guys say theres no laws against having the number plate on the fender unobstructed??
  6. As far as we know... we're not the RTA, or an inspection agency
  7. Due to the droopy plate things in 1.5years I have replaced 2 plates due to being bent, broken and unreadable. As a result I have thought about modifying it too, but will wait the 10months or so until I remove my duct daped on Ps.

    I would say if you plan on riding lots of on road then having the plate mounted on top of the mudguard then you MAY get pulled over since it is harder to read when it is on an angle and may be considered unreadable. Off road you would probably get away with it fairly easily. I would suggest checking with the RTA as to what is 'unreadable'. If you do modify it, any time you need a RWC or whatever you could just put the old one on.

    You could also shorten it a bit by drilling new holes and moving the plate up a few cm and chopping off the very bottom reflector and moving it to above the plate or something that is a less obvious change.
  8. There are laws that specify where and how the plate is to be mounted. They are simple regulations though.

    They go along the lines of "must be visible from xx angle from xx distance" and the like.

    Your local RTA webfright should have all the specifics pertaining to plate display.
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  10. 1. What Iffracem said about the plate being illuminated by white light, and not red light. It must be within a certain distance from the top of the plate and a certain wattage (all tail lights would pass the wattage test)
    2. What Vic said about easy/simple rules regarding view from certain angles