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Number plate ideas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peleus, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I'm looking into custom number plates. Whats the best one's you've seen around or had an idea for?

    Has to be 5 letters or below, and can't be all numbers.

    My work mate has just ordered SA7AN to match his car SA77AN :D


  2. What kind of bike do you have?
  3. Perfect timing ... with todays new banner advertiser being the RTA's customised bike plates :)
  4. I agree - more info required !
    Do you have a nickname that you could use ?
    Do you want it just for this bike or for any bike ?
    Are you a slow or fast rider ?
  5. Own a '07 Daytona 675.

    No nickname that can be used.

    MY-675 Taken.

    Slow rider :p I crashed it @ 3 days old so I was thinking "CRASH" lol.
  6. KROOZ - Cruise

    HOOOJ - Huge

    ROLIN - Rolling

    RIDIN - Riding

    2WHLS - 2 Wheels

    STFTR - Street Fighter

    CAFRR - Cafe Racer



    FASTR - Faster

    just to get you started...

    EDIT: How about TRUMP??
  7. Pity you can't fit "I paid the government $400 I didn't have to" on it. I guess people will read between the lines though. ;)

    Edit: wow, I'm such a negative nelly.
  8. What are you to benefit from a personalised number plate? Your better of personalising your riding style and earning respect that way.
  9. Heh, got me before the edit Pete.
  10. Damn you Loz, how dare you fix your mistake before I get to make a fool out of you??

    EDIT: I got very confused there dude, I read "Vicroads" but by the time i'd quoted you, you'd edited it, so my quote of you said "government" instead of Vicroads...

    And I was all excited about using the :-k smiley and everything...
  11. So let me get this straight. You actually want a number plate that's easy for people to remember at a glance?

    Takes all kinds, I guess! :LOL:
  12. No, I just want something a little different, don't want to do it to your bike, don't order one.
  13. Missus got me a custom plate for my birthday this month.
    Love it. And it sticks out like dogs balls Gromit. I got nothing to hide from :wink:
  14. Plates for a Triumph?...


    Or, for something a little less obvious...

  15. I ordered 'DONOR'.

    I told a few friends about it and most people knew what it meant. Were a couple interesting reactions...
  16. can you get 5 letters to say Sore Neck? (My old age is showing isn;t it?)
  17. Theres heaps of possibilities: MINE, MYDAY, MI 675, XLR8, XCITE, XCEED, XTRME, TRIPL, TRUMP, TWIST, 2RACE, RACER, RACIN, SPORT, SPRTZ, MONO, MONOS, STOPY, SPEED, FAST, FASTR, GONE, RAPID, SWIFT, ZOOM, ZOOMR, REV, REVHED, REVIN, HIREV, SPLIT, SPLITZ, SPLITR etc etc etc plus you could always do your initials & 675 combos.
  18. how about CODGA, OLBOY, OLMAN, DUNIT or CHIRO :LOL:
  19. That cuts deep........oooh so deep.
    If I was an emotional guy, I'd be p*ssing tears right now.
    :p :grin:

    I'm a bit worried about plates like "power" or "racer". They just scream "hoon" and that means unwanted attention from Victoria's finest......

    My wife got me one for the VIFFR (ahem) that suits my bike fine without saying "book me" to the police...