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Number Plate Design - Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. I know it's 5 characters, but bloody VicRoads wont let me put a number in the middle of letters. I can't have "DOONKS" cause it's 6 characters but I wanted "D8NKS" with the 8 being a vertical double "O". BASTARDS !!!!!! They say I can only have numbers after any letters I want.

    Can anyone come up with an idea ??? What would a plate like that cost me and is there an annual fee as well ?
  2. I'd love to know all the little number plate rules and why they were put in place.

    I reckon most of the rules would have something to do with the fact that their computer systems in 1975 could not do much, and things like numbers in the middle of letters were too difficult.

    Seriously though, I think they avoid numbers in the middle (especially numbers 1 and 0) as they can actually look like letters, resulting in the wrong person being booked. That is the reason you can't get the number plate 000111 coz it looks like OOOIII etc.
  3. O yeah, make the most of the personalized plates in vic. Up here to get DOONKS on a car would cost you about $4000 to buy from the transport office.
  4. I wanted 1LUNG (my bike is a single cylinder) but that was no go because it started with a numeral. Still toying with ILUNG, but then the historical reference becomes even more obscure. ahh, well...


    $310 up front, but there's no annual fee.
  5. How about "DOONX"?

    5 letters, sounds right even if it looks wrong...
  6. Looks like great minds thinking alike here...

    [Edit: And I didn't realise bikes were limited to 5 letters, so no GROMIT for me. GRMIT just isn't the same. Unimaginative bureaucratic gits!]
  7. DOONX isn't bad. Looks a bit weird but it might be the only option I've got. Thanx ( :wink: ) Chairman and Gromit.

    Anyone who doens't know me wouldn't have gotten D8NKS, but those that do know me would have, I think maybe the same might go for DOONX

    thinking thinking thinking
  8. How about "DOONK5"?
  9. if I could have DOONK5 then I could have DOONKS. It's 6 characters long and the maximum is 5 characters for a bike
  10. what about

  11. roflmao
    someone else who can't count........ :LOL:
  12. The malaka can't spell, what hope is there of him being able to count?!?!?!
  13. I was able to get KITZO for the ZX6R and then I got ALITI for the SP1.
    Now they are in the filing cabinet, retired.

    I'm luky in a sense, my name is on every bike numberplate out there :)
  14. in victoria that is :LOL:
    i can spell its just my key board that cant
  15. No, My daughter has her name on the car ones, mine is on bike plates :)
  16. Standard fee is $310 for a plate. There is no "extra" annual fee, just your normal rego fee. You can get them in a variey of colours too and also slim line or regular. I couldn't get FLIPPER so I got FLIPR instead.
    FWIW, I like DOONX :D

    Oh and a tip, keep your old plate so that you can put it back on the bike if you ever sell it, that way, you keep your personal one.
  17. I'm thinking about KRIDA, but not sure.....
  18. 5 letters? cool, my name fits perfectly :D
    but i would rather everyone didnt know my first name....
  19. Well I just got back from the VicRoads Office, and am now waiting on the delivery of my new "DOONX" plate !!! :D :D :D

    Oh, and Flipper, I asked about hanging onto my existing plate and then putting it back on the bike when it comes time to sell it, the VicRoads lady said I was mad if I did that as it would cost $89 to transfer the existing plate back onto the bike after DOONX came off. If I just hand the existing one back in when DOONX arrives, and then apply for a replacement plate when I sell it it will only cost $13 for the replacement plate.
  20. Hmmm, ok, thanx for that. Seems the loverly people at Vicroads need to get their facts right cause they told me to just slap the original one back on the bike and ring them to tell them which plate is now on which bike.
    Will keep it in mind if I ever DO sll the bike.....not that i can see that ever happening :D