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number plate bolt lights - not worth it

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Takamii, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I bought a apir of the number plate bolt led lights to use when cleaning the tail on the 2fiddyX

    I can not recommend them to anyone - you can see why in the pic below

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  2. I think the plate would be easier to read with out them.
  3. I think I can see the problem...

    You're missing the other 98! :LOL:

    The concept is an attractive one though, shame about the execution though. Fancy getting into the 'bling' business using actual functioning versions of this idea?
  4. ^^this.
    beat em at their own game
  5. Even your brake light thinks it's funny.

    Looks kinda evil upside down though.

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  6. Looks perfect to me! :D

    Theres a light there to satisfy legal reqs, yet the plates hard to read still
  7. Hang on, your saying that no illuminating your plate is a bad thing????

    The law says you have to have lights, does it also say they have to be effective?
  8. Im saying its a good thing the plate is hard to read, however its not really going to matter cause anytime you get pulled over at night the cops will have their headlights on which will make any numberplate light worthless at any rate.
  9. I meant the OP, I think we said pretty much the same thing!
  10. I was gonna go there.. beat me to it. :D