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number nerds . . . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Seize the moment tomorrow . . . it only occurs once every 1000years !

    @ 12:34pm 56s 07/08/09 ! :eek:


    actually, it'll be an anti climax, don't hold your breath when the time comes !
  2. There's always 2109 if I miss it :p
  3. 2109??? Yeah I plan on being back on the mother ship then ;)

    Guess I had better come up with some pagan ritual to commemorate the occasion today :LOL:
  4. sorry, Micky, went looking for a thread about this cos I KNEW you'd post one, but didn't find this one till after I'd posted one on the same subject :oops:
  5. i can think of one or two... :p
  6. hahaha this is during work hours though Thera, I dont want to frighten anyone ;)
  7. Have you got your electronic thumb ready?
  8. If I told you I would have to kill you earthling ;)

    You have to laugh at these things :LOL:
  9. Well, I'm waiting for the time today :p ..... and am going to get in one year early again (in 99 years time) at 01:23:45 06/07/08.... and twice even on that day. :grin:

    Hey, I already saw 12:34:56am 07/08/09 and didn't think about it. Lucky the second chance rolls around soon.
  10. Oh...I thought you were gunna tell us to type 5318008 into a calculator :LOL: hehe
  11. I'm a fan of 5318008's
  12. . . . . and if we get two calculators with 8008 we get !!! :eek:
    gigitty !

    - Glenn Quagmire
  13. Any ritual that involves the time 1 AM is one that I shan't be attending.

    Can I cheat and use 12h time instsad?


    what the hell josh, learn how to read you twat.
  14. Well the world didn't end...what an exciting moment in time though :grin:
  15. We celebrated the non end of the world with a shot of Inner Circle :grin:
  16. No one said it was the end of the world !

    It was more a cosmic alignment where you should have taken the opportunity to kiss or grope someone and say some cheesy line like if i can do it only once in a thousand years i'd blah blah blah etc !


  17. How's that any different to any night at the pub? :LOL:
  18. Micky the problem with that is that Bell doesnt work in my office :)