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Numb throttle hand

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brumby, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. G'day fellow riders,

    I've just got back into riding after buying a 4yr old K7 DL650 wee strom and am having a ball on it but it doesn't take long for the right throttle hand to feel numb.
    Is this normal? could it be the gloves I'm using? (Dri-rider Kevlars)

    It is a concern for me because not being able to properly feel my right hand means that if I had to go for the front brake, my fingers may not work.

    When I began riding my father told me not to grip the bar too tightly so I don't do that, and I try to relax the hand as much as possible stretching my fingers regularly to cover the front brake in traffic situations.

    The same happenned on my first bike, a kwaka Er5 about 5 yrs ago but not tot the extent that it's happenning now.

    The V-strom is a fairly upright riding position so not much weight it on the hands, so it's got me buggered as to why the hand goes numb within 15 minutes into the ride.It only happens in my right hand and not the left so I can assume it has something to do with the resistence of the throttle.

    Any suggestions how to stop it or how to reduce the numbness...or is this just one of the things that goes with riding a motorcycle?



  2. might have your wrist cocked a bit? could change the brake lever position (ie rotate the lever down) so you're less tempted to do it
  3. i get this often too, particularly when i'm tired/stressed/pissed off
    in my case i'm simply too wired, and gripping too tight
  4. could be the glove or item of apparel restricting circulation.
    when people say grip lightly, they mean lightly. apart from nudging the the bars to change direction, you don't even need hands on the grips to ride a bike, so just rest them there loosely. just let the grip of the glove hold the throttle where you want it.
  5. i have a friend of the female verity who had this same problem both in the car and on her bike, now she said she doesn't grip either the steering wheel or bars tight but keeps relaxed hands.

    i put one of the massage wheel covers in her car (you know the ones with the little spike things all over it) and 5 minutes into the first drive she had to pull over as her hands turned into red valley full of divots.

    so maybe just like her you are gripping too tight without realizing it?
  6. my right foot almost always goes to sleep when im on the bike
  7. i practise at home i can post a vid if you want
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  8. Bar angle could also be a cause. A straighter bar may fix it by keeping your wrists in alignment with your forearm.
  9. Also have you or the previous owner fiddled with the bar-end weights? Theye are there for a reason, to dampen vibration, which can quickly deaden your hand.
  10. Get gel/iso grips. (google Kuryakyn iso grips)
    And yes: you're gripping too hard.
  11. I had this happening when I started getting back into riding. Found it was more how I was positioning the right hand at the start. When I opened the throttle, I had a kink at the wrist, which basically caused the numbness. Try with your hand position slightly different.
  12. Hi fellas, thanks for the replies.

    I don't think I'm holding the grips too tight as I'm quite concious of that being one of the issues, in fact I have the throttle grill between my thumb and index finger valley and hold the fingers out reasonable straight or just a just a bit bent. My gloves don't feel too tight or anything but they are rather snug.
    The bar ends I can't be too sure of but they look original and I think the previous owner has kept the bike rather std other than some of the nice accessories it's got, like a solid alloy bash plate,bark busters,top box, center stand and those crash bars that come up the side of the tank, other than that, it looks like it's original.
    I might try and position the bars at a slightly different angle and maybe move the front brake lever so it's in easy reach of my fingers.I think it may be a little too high making me push my wrist down to use the front brake.
    I was also thinking that it could be throttle positioning, for eg: if around town, you'll just be doing low speed throttling but on the Hwy or main roads you'll open it up a bit so the throttle hand/wrist is at a different position but if you let it go to adjust the hand then the throttle just springs back to idle position.
    First I might go for a ride without using the gloves and see if I can tick off the list or look for a better pair, if my hands still go numb without gloves, I'll know it's not them.

    I am quite concerned about this because I tend to be favouring my rear brake rather than the front brake due to not having enough feeling in my hand to reach for the lever in a hurry. nearly ran up the arse of a car this morning because of it so i need to find out the problem pretty darn quick.


  13. hmm thought about bar risers? might help?? Or tile the bars back a 1/4 of an inch?
    if numbness when cruising, have you seen those plastic 'cruise' hand rests? only cost a few bucksm it clips to the grip and rotates [you have to set this up] it ends up flat for your wrist to sit on while holding steady highway speed? never ever know...
  14. I got these http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=9945

    Helped me a fair bit. The outside diameter of the grips is slightly bigger than the stock grips ( if that makes sense ? ) which helps to.

    If they don't do anything for you, it's only $20 down the drain.

    I (out of habit now ), take the weight off my hands for a few seconds to keep the blood flowing. I do this every 15min or so regardless of my hands hurting or not.
  15. Have you tried riding without the gloves to rule them out as the cause?
  16. other option is you have a pinched nerve somewhere thats aggravated by your riding posture
  17. you're not pulling your dick enough, need to strengthen those muscles
  18. pm sent ! :wink:
  19. Thinking outside the box a little - what sort of work do you do? If you do a lot of computer work, using a mouse and typing a lot, this may affect your wrists and hands, I'm led to believe. My own job involves a lot of computer work, and I find both my hands sometimes go numb, develop pins & needles, or just kind of "lock up" when doing some activities for an extended period. I have experienced it while riding, but only after my hand stays in the one position for maybe an hour or so, like on the highway where there's no reason to vary speed, brake or use the clutch.
  20. G'day Roly,

    Nah I don't work behind a puter, I mostly drive heavy vehicles and don't really have any issues with numb hands apart from when riding.

    I've been trying a few things and it could quite possibly be my posture when riding. I do tend to slouch a bit so I've tried to sit more upright and I think it does make a little difference however the question is, over a good long ride, how long I can keep from slouching.

    I may also try and tilt the front brake down about 5-10 mm to see if I have a better finger coverage for the lever without tilting my wrist down.

    I'll be going along with a bunch from work this weekend for a decent ride to Wisemans Ferry (I think) from Newie so I'll try many things (posture, hand positions, gloves on/off etc) to see if it makes any difference.