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Numb right hand.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jozlyn, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. #1 Jozlyn, Mar 25, 2015
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    I'm starting to have a lot of problems with numbness in the thumb and fingers on my right hand. Initially I thought it was because I was new to riding and was holding on too tight and/or lack of hand muscles. Now I don't think so, in the last 2 1/2 months I've put in a lot of hours and km's on the bikes and all of the other aches and pains, muscle stiffness I was having have now gone. I'm definitely not holding on too tightly. I hold the throttle lightly, mostly with my ring & little finger now to see if that would help, but it doesn't seem to. My hand starts to go numb about 15 minutes or so after taking off. We've installed a throttle lock so that I can regularly take my hand off and shake it back to life, however that's not always possible to do. I've even started to notice that the ball of my thumb isn't really coming back to life properly any more, which is driving me nuts. It happens whether I'm riding the VTR250 or the F650GS.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what may be causing this problem and how I could fix it?


    P.S. I'm not leaning on my hands, I can do a chicken wing flap without any problems, my grip on the handle bars is light and loose. My gloves are fairly loose also, I had a lot of problems finding a pair of gloves that didn't pinch :/ I grip with my knees and use my newly discovered stomach muscles to hold myself upright. I don't THINK I'm doing anything wrong HELP ;)
  2. I had the exact same problem initially in both hands and had bought three pairs of gloves...things improved in that it would go,away after about half an hour. But it went completely away once Mr Womble corrected my posture and positioning of my wrists and arms. I was friggin amazed.
    I had the throttle hand give me grief on my ride away last week and I realised it was because I had let all my luggage and my backpack alter my posture. Once I was conscious of this no more crappy tingling pins and needles! Yay! :)
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  3. The weird thing is there's actually no pins and needles at all and it's only my right hand, it just goes cold/dead. If it was pins and needles that would indicate, to me, that there was a blood supply issue, wouldn't it?

    I'm also much more upright on the F650GS than on the VTR250 and still have the exact same problem, it's starting to frustrate me.

    Yep, I'm on my 3rd pair of expensive gloves now too.
  4. My hands go numb with the vibrations (I often shake them out at the lights) but it's weird that it's only happening to your throttle hand. Could be something in the way you're positioning in your arm, like OldmaidOldmaid said.

    Assuming it isn't your posture, have you tried different handgrips? A bit of gel can help with the vibes.
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  5. Hiya. I have had the ole numb right hand for years now (yeah yeah, here's where the jokes come in lol). Sometimes it's hardly present then other times it's real bad, so much so that I really have to be conscious of it when braking ie: have to factor in an extra split second to get my fingers off the bar in order to grab the lever as my hand feels pretty numb or 'dead' sometimes.

    I'm pretty sure mine's caused by Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in conjunction with fairly regular bouts of Tendinitis due to some sports and subsequent injuries sustained over the years as a result. Unfortunately steady vibration is a real enemy of the above conditions.

    Mine's def exacerbated by clip-ons that vibe more than others. On my usual ride I got heavier bar ends that reduced the vibes and it definitely stopped some of the the 'dead hand' a lot but - it's still present :(

    I hope it's not, but if the ball of your thumb is going dead I'll put $ on it that it's CTS too. Alas, there's not a lot that can be done for it, if it is that - Corticosteriod shots (fricking painful and I'm a woose) and or surgery (again, I'm a woose).

    If you find a solution (or if anyone else has one) I'd def be keen to hear it too :)
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    There could be a number of reasons and pins&needles or numbness can both be a result of pressure on a blood vessel supplying the nerves. It could be that your jacket is causing some pressure on a blood vessel causing the numbness but with me WombleWomble repositioned my feet, arms but I think the really critical change was the wrists and the hand angle which would alter pressure points as well. (Edit : ulna/radius are common points for nerve bundles and "pinching".)
    Truly made an enormous change to my riding comfort and style...and no more dead hand or pins and needles. I used to hate doing the hand wringing and actually worried that I couldn't manipulate blinkers etc properly because of the extent of the numbness.
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  7. Sorry to waffle :) but I also put shorty levers on and adjust both clutch and throttle depending on what riding I am doing.
    Here endeth oldmaid's input...
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  8. Probably a little extreme but maybe go and see a doctor. I spent the better part of 2014 in the spinal ward of Prince of Whales Hospital, there were people in there who started out with just some numbness in their hands or wherever turned out to be Vertebrae or whatever putting pressure on the spinal cord.

    I have no feeling in parts of my left leg and constant pins and needles in my left foot. I get random chronic nerve pain th rough the same area.

    You never know its probably nothing, but it could be something serious, perhaps the extra weight on your neck from the helmet is aggravating something.

    Sorry to be all doom and gloom but I've seen some bad shit, that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Whats happening to you isn't normal.
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  9. Should try some pussy grips and see if it helps
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  10. If i do a few hours on the push bike (dont judge me :bag:) i start to get numbness in my pinky and palm on my left hand, which Google suggests could be this

    Never get it on the fun bike though (y)
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  11. Hey JozlynJozlyn :cat: yes I remember having this conversation a while ago, and with your experience now it doesn't make sense.

    It might be time to check it out as iClintiClint suggested. But hopefully a visit to a chiro / kinesiologist may reveal a pinched nerve as I had even before starting to ride. 6 months of cold/dead/numb right arm, sometimes with pins and needles, sometimes not. It drove me insane and it took a few visits to fix.

    And OldmaidOldmaid has it right about posture on a bike. It's like posture on a horse. Do it wrong and suffer the consequences. Even walking posture is important as it can have major flow on effects to other parts of your body which could then affect other activities (such as riding).

    Let us know how you go. :D
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  12. I'm the same and I think it is the vibration. To be honest I think there are only two solutions:
    1. experiment with bar end weights to try and find something that stops the vibration. There are even tricky sprung weights that are designed for optimal dampening effect.
    2. Buy an electric bike.
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  13. Sometimes it's as simple as the grip being too narrow/thin for your hand. Try special grips or putting some rubber/leather around the grip and see if that makes a difference.
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  14. I get it too, i find its because whilst you have a good full grip with your left hand and clutch - the right hand controlling the gas is only semi on whilst the rest of your weight is taken by your palm with your bar ends, so you can switch between the brakes and gas.

    Try moving your right hand completely on to the grip, youl find you get less numbness (is that a word?)
    takes a bit to get used to though.
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  15. I have had the problem for many years. I have carpel tunnel syndrome and have had tendinitis on and off to compound the problem. I stopped riding sports bikes with a long reach because I'd get lazy in traffic and lean on my wrists. Manual work on tools especially twisting screwdrivers and swinging hammers all day aggravate the problem. Vibration and riding hard in the bush on mountain bikes and enduro bikes also exacerbate the problems. There is some great advice already. Loose grip on the bars, uprite riding position, minimising vibration, regularly letting go of bars by pulling clutch in and stretching and moving arm wrist and fingers. When my wrist is bad take anti inflamatories and wear a cloth wrist brace at night to prevent waking with it numb. You can buy these from the chemist. When I was working regularly on the tools and riding a lot in the bush I thought I would have to have the operation on the carpel tunnel but with management it is now only a minor problem. See the quack if you can't get it comfortable.
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  16. I never had this problem until I had an off a while ago, now my right hand falls to sleep while riding. It's fine it warmer weather, but once it gets colder it happens fairly regularly to me.

    I've sort of got used to it, but perhaps you could try throttle rockers?
    It pretty much means you still need to have your hand on the throttle, but don't need to grip the bars much whatsoever.. might be helpful for you.
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  17. What jacket are you wearing? No, I'm not getting worked up, I mean while you are riding. Is it loose fitting or a normal clothing style fit?

    I found when I put on a bit of weight I would get numb hands because the jacket was pressing on the inside of my shoulder. On the outside of my pecs. It wasn't enough to be uncomfortable, but it did effect my hands.

    The other thought is the pan and tilt of the bars. It's amazing how much a minor difference can make and it's amazing how many bikes are wrong.
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  18. Very common, its ended quite a few famous racers careers and lots have the surgery to keep riding.There are a few names and maybe a few different issues,one is called air pump.Thats blood not leaving your hand and wrist,had it bad twice, once putting in lots of screws and next in a tug of war.Your wrists expend and get rock hard and you loose all feeling in your hands.Its takes maybe a hour or more to return to normal feeling.Mainly caused by EXTREME hard work to the arms. After that there is vibration,every road bike except my Ducati are know for vibs. Then it gets series with Carpel Tunnel. Over the years I have done every imaginable mod looking for solutions.Rubber bar mounts off an old Bonnie,Liquid Bar Snake,Long spring type inserts modified to allow the heaviest bar end weights,gloves with gel inserts in the palms,more comfy bar shapes,raising the height of the bars,reducing the spring tension on the throttle.The two easiest fixs that have had the best effect are a throttle rocker and foam grips.Dead cheap and effective.If the bike mods dont work then its time to see your Dr.One thing that really pisses me off are the stupid comments you get from people who dont have the issue,harden up and your body with get used to it. After my first big ride on my Laverda,that was a 10 day trip to the Island including 350ks of dirt ,I had pins and needles in both wrists that took months to come good.
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  19. Are you on an ipad...I keep feeling demented because I will see two,posts form me and then only one..

    I agree with most of the comments above but if your condition only occurs/occurred after bike riding I would humbly suggest trying some simple changes before going to a dr.
    Reviewing Posture, clothing esp jacket even the sort of bra you are wearing, grips would be my initial approach :)

    If you get these same sensations after sleeping, stirring pots etc, writing, brushing your hair then go to dr now please. :)
    If none of the suggested physical changes alter the sensation then go see your dr please :)

    Fingers crossed (ha) that the simple works for you JozlynJozlyn !
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  20. You aren't seeing things, some mod or other is deleting them (y)
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