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numb hands while riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matchy, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. hey does anyones hands get numb when they ride,mine get very numb to the point that i can't feel nothing and have to stop,i've been riding road bikes for bout 2 years and i thought it would go away because i never ride all the time now i do ride all the time and it still happens,anyone know why?
    it's ruining my rides :mad:

  2. I find if i put them down my pants its warm, and fun!
    The dri-riders i have do an ok job, just keep flexing your hands and fingers at every possible opportunity. You can also buy a pair of gloves that fit inside your normal gloves, dont know how well these would work though i haven't tried mine yet.

    Or drive a car.
  3. relax your hand and elbow. Dont push them against the handle bar.
  4. Quote of the week..

    I bought glove liners for $10 or so and it's working fairly well for me
  5. Yes, relax, take time to shake them now and again (pull over or do so at the lights, when you get experience maybe shake out the tension one hand at a time on a straight road).

    It can be contributed to by several factors:
    - trying to support your body with hands (hold onto the tank with your knees and use stomach and back muscles instead)
    - too-tight hold on the bars due to nervousness
    - vibration of the motor
    - difficulty working the throttle and levers (make sure all the controls are lubed and work smoothly without friction).
    - poor circulation due to cold, tight gloves, tension etc

    It is an important issue and can lead to other painful stuff like CTS, arm pump, etc, so do look into it and if you don't find some relief then check with a doctor or physio or etc.
  6. You're gripping the bars too tightly, probably as a consequence of only riding for 2 weeks.
    Check to make sure your gloves are not too tight around the palms.
    Relax your grip a bit and your riding will also improve as a result.
  7. This can happen alot through vibration.
    I actually get numb and tingling feet for the same reason.

    Try to relax your hands every now and then, and wriggle your fingers too.
    Are your hand-grips made from a hard rubber?
    Look to buy a softer rubber grip - a dense foam type is probably better.

    If you are grabbing the grips too tight, then all of the vibrations are being transferred straight through to your hands; this numbs the nerves after a while.

    Hope this helps. :)
  8. thanks for the tips guys i think i worked it out already,my gloves, there tight i didn't think about that,looks like i'm in for some new ones.
  9. what glove do you have/own, and size?
  10. Good point!
    I have 3 different pairs of gloves, and when ever I wear the ones with the webbing between the little and ring fingers, I find my throttle hand goes numb after about 15 minutes. Must be the stitching for the webbing that rubs somewhere it shouldn't.
  11. yeah its mostlikely but jus make sure your hand and elbows are relaxed and bent at about 90 degrees (wrist is lower than your knuckle)

    like you shouldnt feel any tension on the bar at all and jus use your legs to grip on the tank. and jus enough tension on your arms to keep the bar straight and not wobble in normal riding position.

    If that make sense, but you get me tho yeah guys?
  12. i have medium leather alphinestars drystar ,,,tag on inside of gloves say thinsulate insulation 70 gram
  13. with medium its prob restricting your pinking and ring finger a little so might wanna try a large.

    Get Icon Merc Gloves, i have 2 pairs a Short and long sleeve one.

    Short for summer and long for winter but i mainly use short mosta the time now anyway. but up to your peference.

    they might feel a little tight at the start but after a long use it'll mould into your hands and like any other leathers.

    try to get import from US. but compare with shipping. if the price matches as MCA then get it here would be quicker than waitin for shipping.
  14. I do get some of this, but tend to just wait until there's a downhill bit where I don't need my right hand on the throttle and just open and close the hand as though squeezing a squash ball. I find this is much quicker and more effective at getting rid of tingles than just shaking the hand, though I suspect some cagers sometimes get the impression I'm threatening to crush their balls! Left hand is easier, just finding a few metres where the clutch isn't needed. It really only takes 3-6 squeezes to get rid of it, for me at least. All the other advice here is good and important too.
  15. The stranger?
  16. as everyone has said
    - relax, grip with your legs, not with your hands.
    - Maybe you have too big or too small gloves. (yes too big can cause issues as well)

    happy riding

  17. What kind of bike do you have? Be aware too of carpal tunnel syndrome. This can result from all sorts of things like anatomical peculiarities (of your wrist!), previous injuries or leprosy. CTS will not get better by itself. It requires attention.
  18. Could be the bike your riding.
    I get very bad HandNumb sometimes, but only on one of my bikes.
    I suggest pissing your current ride off and replacing it with a less HandNumbing machine.
  19. Not on a Harley, are you? :grin:

    Relax - and that's the key word! I reckon it's partly down to the season, winter riding, cold & blustery winds, often the Rider's body/muscles tense up naturally. This may end up putting pressure on yr hands/wrist. You just need to occassionally "tell" yr body to ease up.