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Numb Hands....any advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tonner, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hi I am riding a Yamaha XVS650 and my hands are always numb after a short riding stint. This worries me a bit as I cant feel the grips properly and would like to start going on longer rides.
    I have tried relaxing my grip a bit which helps to a degree I guess, but I am still concerned with the lack of feeling. Eventually the brain has me applying so much squeeze to ensure a good grip I find in a short time I need to pull over to get the blood citrculating again.

    Appreciate the advice.

  2. Relax.
    What sort of gloves are you using maybe there too tight i know my old winter ones were too tight and made it hard for me to keep loose.
    Flap your arms like a chicken to make surte you are loose.
    Use your legs to grip your bike not sure if its possible on a xvs
  3. just fit some heavier bar ends?
  4. Gripping too hard.
    Are your arms straight?
    Remember to bend your elbows with relaxed shoulders so elbows are pointing down not outwards.
  5. The highish bars on a cruiser don't help circulation issues. Maybe consider something with less rise if it won't make the riding position too excruciating.
  6. I have this same problem..thanks for starting a thread!

    I get pins and needles in my hands and it's recently started after I've finally stopped having a death grip on the handle bars.
    I think it's due to the bars rattling so much as I don't have bar ends.
    What's the best way of reducing vibration?
  7. bar ends are designed to reduce the vibration so i guess thats the best way if its possible

    I had the same issue on my sportsbike, after 20mins my fingers were numb, until i fitted heavier bar ends to reduce the high frequency vibrations along the bar - 30bucks on ebay for some chrome lookin ones which were twice as heavy as my stock ones :)
  8. hang on to the bike with your legs and knees not your hands
  9. I used to get this all the time on the 'prila - not so much on the Lady Mac, and hardly ever on the XT. As has been said, the fix involves improved circulation and reduced vibration. Lots of ways to address both issues. I would think twice about fitting real heavy bar ends, but if the standard ones have been removed or replaced by something smaller and lighter, go back to stock. Some bars can be adjusted for position, and that can help. A change of grips can help. A slight change in gearing can put the engine outside a narrow band of revs at typical cruising speed.

    A looser pair of gloves may help. Keeping a looser grip. Moving around more. Left hand off and shake, speed up a bit, pull the clutch in, right hand off and shake. I taught myself years ago to ride (at least straight and level) with my left hand on the twist grip. On the 'prila I used to constantly cycle (while in cruise mode) between left hand throttle and hand exercises for the right, then right hand throttle and left elbow on tank.

    If it's worse in cold weather, consider a set of electrically heated grips. Never used them myself but a friend in Finland tried a set after 30 some-odd years of riding, and tells me he's been a fool all these years for not doing it sooner.

    Don't rest your upper body weight on your arms all the time. Rest your legs and back by leaning on your hands, then rest your hands by weighting the pegs and gripping the tank and holding yourself up with your back and core body muscles. Keep moving and shifting. Numb hands aside, you'll get very sore on any bike very quickly if you sit still like a sack of potatoes.
  10. Every road bike I have ever owned vibated a lot and I have tried just about evey fix under the sun and one I always come back to are foam grips,lots dont like them but they are the best bang for buck to fix vibration problems.If you go the heated grips and they are fantasic but back to firm again there are gadgets called grip puppys made of foam and come in big sizes to suit Harleys that can be used over the heated grips,best of both worlds but you need to get used to them being thick.With this system I have done 700k plus days on a 180 Laverda,famous saying in the Laverda world,we all know Laverdas DONT vibrate,sure they dont
  11. So you've no kids then?:wink:
  12. My first thought too. Do have any other hand or wrist pain when you do other movements? I would see the Dr first before spending any money on things that may not solve anything.
  13. Bar ends is a good call. If they have been replaced with lighter that is. Find the stock weight and check yours. Don't go over stock weight.
    Grip pressure. When you feel the tingles or get no feeling, pull over and look at your fingers. Are they white ??? Too much grip pressure.
    While riding wriggle/flap lol your elbows. But seriously you cant wriggle your elbows if your grip is too tight.
    How are you gripping the bars. You should have a small amount of equal pressure on the bars with your palms from behind. And your fingers should just fall over the front of the grips. Try and keep a flat line from your Fore arms to your wrists. If you bend the wrist carpel tunnel will set in very quickly.
    And try to lean into acceleration from the hips. You don't need to grip any harder than normal. Leaning in will equalize the G forces from accelerating. And do the exact opposite when braking. Don't put pressure on the bars.
    If your new to riding or a lazy rider. You might find squeezing a tennis ball while watching telly really helps your wrists.
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  16. not if u ride a cruiser :angel:
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