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Numb bum

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ZX9rB3, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Its been a while since I have had a bike (Oct last year) and cant wait to get back on one, so I test rode one today but after 20 minutes it gave me a numb butt which was very uncomfortable. I am not sure what the answer is maybe a sheep skin cover?

    **My question** This question is mainly directed to the men - has anyone else experienced numbness to the point of numbing "everything" and feeling very very uncomfortable?

    Its a tad embarrassing to mention it on an open forum but Im desperate to ride again but Im not sure if I can. Especially if thats what I can expect after 20 minutes in the saddle.

    My last bike did the same thing Z1000 '03 but after about 40minutes and the bike I rode today an FZ1 '01 took only 20 minutes. Makes me wonder, do any of the bike manufacturers out there make a bike with a comfortable seat? Thats not a cruiser!

  2. That how blokes like John Moorehouse in Queensland and others make a living,modifying crap stock seats for big distance riding,your problem is very common with push bikes,do a search on Adventure Rider site,there are lots of posts re pressure ponts behind your scrotum,my problem is I get a numb right leg caused by pressure from the square edge of the seat,hopefully fixed by the moorehouse mods,25mm wider both sides and rounder on the edge.The other problem is fixed with a hollow on the middle of the seat
  3. My experience, for what it's worth, is that a sheep-skin, especially on a seat with a prnounced forwards slope, only succeeds in crowding you into the fuel tank, and increasing your discomfort. If you can afford it, get the seat modded, if you can't, a pair of Netti padded push-bike pants under the Draggins work wonders (y).
  4. use more lube...

    ive heard good things bout airhawks... ive never tried anything, as i find my legs/wrists get to cramped before anything else, thus a break :)
  5. My honda blackbird is a lounge chair compared to the testicle-rupturing gsx250f I had before.

    The width of the seat makes a big difference. I do wonder if youre gripping on too tight, or leaning forward in a way that isnt good for your anatomy? You DO NOT want to be cutting the blood supply to the man parts.
  6. Fortunately, I only ever suffer from a slightly numb backside at times - certainly not "everything". Everything leads to impotence. Do something before it's too late man!
  7. I have a sheep skin on my bird, which stops the numb bum, But the seat needs to be a bit wider as well, an inch on each side would be perfect,
  8. Dunno about Numb Bum but I get sore after a couple of hours in the saddle without a rest stop.
    I'm going to do the Netrider Tassie trip next January so have recently purchased an Airhawk seat cushion.
    Tested it a couple of weeks back on a 9 hour ride with just a few stops, didn't get sore (or numb) whatsoever, a great investment IMHO.
  9. Thanks Zim, I will defo look that site up. Im not alone =D> I actually went to a doctor tonight and his opinion is its not circulation but as you state pressure points or nerve ends that get effected. He has suggested an MRI to have a look at whats going on. So I'll take that option. I think Im going to buy the FZ1 anyway. It was a hoot of a bike, lots of fun.
  10. Hi gsxxer, I may be wrong but I picture the blackbird as a little too big to sqeeze through traffic on a dayly commute to the city. I may go test ride one though and see how it goes. thanks
  11. Makes sence hornet, thanks. I think i'd go the airhawk before sheetskin on that advice.
  12. Hi Dan76, can I ask what the airhawks are worth? Do they offer a better spread of coverage? I'd guess they are like sitting on an air cussion, but do they still allow a little movement?

  13. I never found the size or weight a problem. But if its for the commute I guess you would want to pass. The bird likes open road and airflow at speed. Stop start riding at low speeds gets the engine very hot.
  14. Thanks mate. appreciated
  15. I think I paid 170 odd delivered (lost receipt). There is different sizes, mine covers the Trumpy Street Triple seat well.
    Yep just like sitting on an aircushion, they are made up of several cells which feed into one another so if you put more weight on the left the air will seep through to the right of the cushion.
    They wouldn't be suitable for spirited riding, hanging your bum off the seat would require standing up and off the seat then leaning off. You can lean your upper body into the corners very easily if thats your chosen technique, tried that and worked fine. For any "distance travel" they are fantastic.

    I just found the site I purchased through actually, PM me if you want the link.

  16. I have an Air Hawk and there very good,better than a sheep skin,the trick is very little air so your just suspended off the seat,there a bit disconcerting at first but are very helpful with numb bum,they look absolutely crap and you will cop some crap from Mates,the best answer is a nice wide supporting seat or mods to make that happen,I padded $200 or so,they have a website in OZ.You end up an expert on seats with 70s Italian sprorts bikes and the best roads miles away
  17. Zim, i find the air hawks way over prices for a blow up pillow, but thats just my opinion
  18. Thanks guys appreciate the replies. May need to try the airhawk i think, just one more question on them, are they secured to the seat? They would have to be I guess but is it securly in place?
  19. They have 4 loops on the cushion with 2 elastic straps that you secure under and around your seat. Takes 30 seconds to take it on or off the bike.

    goz, I agree they are an expensive little unit, but after testing it, worth every cent I reckon.