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Nudists or Naturists

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gixr.thou, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Ok, I got invited to a Nudist sporting event. Totally left field!

    So I play the sport in question and set up a website from my sporting club and put the word out for up coming events that I could then promote to club members on the site. Low and behold the invite to play in a nude competition lands in my inbox.

    I checked it out and it's legit. So, should I go? Aside from the odd skinny dipping on summer road trips I've never been a nudist or naturist or whatever the term is. I'm surprised that nudisum/naturism is still popular. I thought it sort of died out in the 70's. Is it really popular?

    My question to Netriders... Are there any Nudist/Naturist in our midst? If your not game to announce your nudisum on the forum, shoot me a PM. I'd like to know more about the culture/lifestyle. I'm an open minded guy, I may just give this sporting event a go.

    Cheers for your time.
  2. is it a mixed team sport?
  3. As long as it isn't rugby or greko roman.
  4. what sport are we talking about?
  5. beach volleyball ?? That could be good :)
  6. OOOWWWWW, that could be painful!
  7. Hate to get sand in areas you don't want to it to be!

    hmmm...Squash is not that bad I guess. Only problem I can see, other than swinging body parts, is worse BO if it's not well ventilated?
  8. I'd say the nudists would most likely be your wrinkly middle agers, if that's your thing then go for it.
  9. attach go-pro somewhere....
  10. #11 smileedude, Aug 6, 2012
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    If you can attach it correctly you can make sure it is pointing at the ground unless there is something worth seeing.

  11. As someone who has often watched the nude Olympics at A bay.........Don't farken do it.
    Do you know why they go nude.
    So you wont notice the wart infested genetically inbred head they have above that no neck, fat arse body
    Seriously you will barf you lunch over the first sixty year old who wants to give you a blowy. And she will be the Foxy sex kitten of the lot of them
  12. you rang?
  13. I appreciate your opinions. Some good laughs. Bit disapointed that we, of all people, are calling a minority group names. It gives us little right to complain when others have a shot at us.

    So far the only valid reason not to go is cause of the middle aged but. I doubt they need another middle ager.
  14. Go for it,you might hook up.
    Depends on your tackle.
  15. Eeeek! Splinters:cry:
  16. Nude squash? There's going to be a lot of ball sweat gather on the court, what if you fall over?
    If you go for it, give yourself a bit of a rub first up to get a semi, the girls will think you're huge!
  17. Go, take may photos (of the good looking women). Report back with evidence of success.
  18. I Keep thinking of collecting a squash ball to the left testicle, and how much more painfull it would be with out anything to lessen the impact....