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Nudged for filtering

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by pastafarian, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Apparently he's a rider too?! I have no words.
  2. Jealousy? After all, "He just stays in his lane, mate."
  3. I'd love to drag my metal toe sliders against the side of his ghey car
  4. An insensitive girl laughed at his small dick once and he never got over it.
  5. If he'd been driving a real Toyota FJ I might be worried about his reaction....

    But in one of the redux FJ's? - simple poofter....
  6. What was wrong with the original thread title?
  7. Little boys and their toys.
  8. Mighty big mirrors on those toymotors. Hard to avoid removing them with your elbow on the way past
  9. Wow he really showed the driver a bit of what for by baby slapping his mirror.
    I want my two minutes back
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  10. 'Aint gunna last long out there
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  11. So is the driver in the first vid.

    The universe thought they should meet.
  12. Like attracts like in this case, they are ALL tools
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  13. Love your work J.
  14. thread hijacks dont you hate them
  15. I actually reckon these guys are great. Just a couple of young riders having fun and being mischievous.
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  16. Gotta enjoy life sometime.
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  17. You can watch Karma at work the one on the cb stacks it when he locks up from tailgating
  18. Whatever some of you might think, but I actually like these guys and think their videos (and the running commentary) is quite interesting.
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