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nudge someone's car.. advice please

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by PGMIII, May 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'll try make this short.

    2 months ago on my way to work I accidently nudged into the rear of another vehicle. The damage on my vehicle was my number plate dented in the middle by 1/2 cm. The number plate was not even touching my car.
    The damage on her car was a few white marks in the middle rear of her car which i then got out to wipe it off for her.

    We exchanged details and of course she said it'll be fine and drove off.

    Now I'm getting calls from her insurance saying they had photos taken and had to get a whole rear bumper fixed as it was pushed out.

    extra info:
    *Her insurer told me they sent photos of the car from the workshop one week later
    *We both got insurance
    *First accident so forgive me for not knowing what to do at the time

    Can anyone offer me any advice because obiviously i didnt cause those damages. I dun have to pay anything because my car dont have damage at all but i wil loose my no claim bonus.

    Thanks people!

  2. Ask to see the photos
    The mounts underneath the bumper can be damaged causing huge expense for what seems to be a minor impact, If you see the photo’s it will identify weather it is this or that some other damage has been done.
  3. Lawyer time. You should have taken photos on the day too. Oh well.
  4. in all honesty, if your unsure at an accident site, ring your insurance company/broker! Exchange basic details, and take pictures at a minimum is a great idea, as well.
  5. +1 I would ask to see the photo's and you will definately be able to see if you caused the damage or not.

    You say you only touched the car, depending on what vehicle it was it sounds like worst case she might want the bar resprayed but i wouldn't think a full replacement would be necessary...... we live in a world of fantastic flexible plastic bumpers. As you were at fault, she is entitled to make a claim however it sounds like your getting scammed but as its insured I would let them take care of it.
  6. +1 for damage to the mounts causing expense. Ask to see the photos.
  7. thanks people..
    so her insurer has now sent photos and ask for me to reply whether i agree these were the damages i have caused.

    I havent replied as yet but I intend to reply to her that i did not cause all those damages.


    like you said.. its only a rear bumper and plus i'm insured so i should just say yes and give them my insurance details and let them sort it out?
  8. The only issue I can see with claiming responibility to the damages (if you didn't do them) is that it will put your rating up unless of course you have rating 1 for life.
  9. how much is the no claim bonus worth?

    how much is the damage worth?

    would it be worth it to pay cash outside insurance companies to keep no claim bonus?

    maybe - maybe not. just throwing it out there.
  10. Dont want to sound stupid.. what do you mean rating?
  11. Insurance companies havea rating systems rating 6 - 1. The lower the rating the higher the discount you get on your policy.

    The difference from 6 to 1 is something like 65% of the policy cost.
    Some compaines will ofer rating 1 for life if you hold rating 1 for x years.
    Some will not change your rating when you make a claim that isn't your fault and can give details of who is at fault.

    Rating normally starts at 6 as you hold a claim free policy it will drop 1 per year.
  12. Can you send photos of your car showing the damage?

    It will look a bit sus for the other driver if your car has pretty much no damage at all and her entire bumper is b0rked.
  13. Not quite..... He would be up for the excess, which depending on his policy could be $400+. Could end up pretty expensive for damage he didn't do.
  14. Unfortunately once the car is taken to a repairer, they will fix everything to make it back to new condition, even if there is no visible damage and everything is stucturally sound. A crash repairer will not tell someone that a small scratch on the bumber will buff out if they can make money by respraying the whole lot, especially if they know it's an insurance company paying for it. As for the damage to bumper mounts, it is quite probable you did damage them even with a minor hit as the bumper compresses on impact and then pops straight back out leaving only a couple of scuff marks visible.

    You can't really blame the other person because they were just following standard procedure for a claim, however by going down this path, it costs you a lot more. In the future small accidents like this are best fixed without the involvement of insurers. This is sometimes not possible if the other person is not agreeable so generally if you are in the wrong, you have to be prepared to take the hit. Just be thankful you have insurance and it's only going to cost you the excess, not the full amount.
  15. <post removed>
  16. hi. I didnt want to go down this path either. at the time she was saying "dont worry about it, its nothing". Either way, i agree that i am in the wrong. I cant be bothered fighting about how much damage is done and so forth. I think since its me hitting her obivously its my fault and no matter how much i try to tell them i didnt cause that much damage, its not gonna do anything at all *sigh* Words against photos taken a week later at the mechanics.

    I have not spoken to my insurer or informed them of this yet. What are the procedures now? Should i just let them contact my insurer themselves?

    As i said before. First time this has happened so not sure at all what needs to be done. Thank you for all the replies so far!