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Nuda 900R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by DuaneDibbley, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Anyone ridden one of these things? They always get decent writeups in the mags but I've never seen one on the road and I don't think I've seen any more than one post on here mentioning them.

    I'm liking the value proposition of them. The R represents a lot of kit for not much money. Most of the youtube clips are in other languages so that doesn't help :(

  2. It is the demon spawn of a

    naked/supermoto hybrid

    I like the look of them
  3. Yup! I like the look of them also.

    Some of the madness of a sumo along with some of the practicality and road manners of a naked.

    I might see if I can track one down tomorrow and have a look/ride.
  4. Northside in artarmon sydney had a demo, I didnt take it for a ride as I didnt want to be tempted.
  5. Well, I just went and rode the R model.

    If I can sell the Street Triple I'll buy one.

    Up until this thing I've not liked any twin I've ridden. This thing was just mental fun! It's not as fast off the line as the Street Triple (well, it might be but I didn't really flog it) but with a good twist in just about any gear it just freaking boogies!

    I found the riding position a huge improvement for me over the Street. Legs were much more comfortable as were my shoulders. Grips were quite comfortable. Adjustable span brake lever had good feel and initial bite was confidence inspiring.

    Seat is utter shit. After 30min in the saddle my arse hurt but supposedly the non R version seat is interchangable and a fair bit more comfy. Also - the seat as standard is short enough for QLD single seat rego! All you do is unbolt the pegs and you're set.

    Handling was very nimble feeling. Different handling feel to the Street but it didn't feel slow turning in or wallowie.

    The sound form the standard exhaust was awesome! 45' firing angle makes for an almost harley sounding noise and there's quite a bit of volume for a standard can. Nice bass notes also. Sounds good enough to me that I wouldn't need to be looking for a new exhaust any time soon.

    Dash is pretty utilitarian. Has a gear indicator, though. No fuel guage, but an ambient temp gauge. 13l tank is a bit meh but the guy reckons you'll see 200+ kms from a tank. Says he did 200+ kms over the local mountain two up and by the time he got back to fill up the fuel light wasn't on.

    One thing I noticed, the air valves are built into the spokes of the wheels and poke out at 90'.

    Very fun bike and was quite comfortable. The dirt bike look headlight and tiny deflector actually do a not bad job at wind protection. But it's obviously closer to naked bike wind than faired.

    Anyone want to buy a 2600km old Street Triple?
  6. Sounds awesome.

    It is supposed to be fairly fuel economic so the range might be ok, the F800 that it is based on does 4-4.5L/100Km.
  7. I'm agreeing. Ohlins shock and monobloc calipers for not much more than the already cheap base unit. If KTM had priced the 990SMR anywhere near this they might have sold some.
  8. I have ridden both the R and standard models and the R is the way to go. I think mainly because of the fully adjustable front shocks (not avaialable on the stock) and the Ohlins rear shock.
    The bike is termed a "naked motard" and it is a bit of a hooligan bike.
    The brembo monoblocks are a bit overkill in my opinion for the bike but I guess putting different pads in may stop the hard bite that the stock one's have.
    Seat is very uncomfortable but the riding position is nice but the bars are very wide and can make lane splitting a bit of a biatch.

    The one thing I didn't like about the bike was at freeway speeds, the slightest bar input gave quite a headshake on the bars which I was quite unnerved by. Maybe dropping the bars down the forks might help but I'm not to sure how the bike would then corner.

    I work for a place that sells them and although we have sold a few, I think that the price is a tad bit too high for what you actually get. I would prefer to get a supermotard of some descript for that type of money.

  9. Goodbye Street Triple! Hello bat shit insane Nuda!



    Thanks to Brisbane Motorcycles at Caboolture who ****ed up on the deal we did over the phone but (in the end) agreed to honour it.

    Done 220km since picking it up and i'm loving it! Haven't found anything I don't like yet!

    Had it on Mt Glorious today and just about everyone at the coffee shop stopped to look at it or have a chat.

    Those brakes are monsters!! So much torque as well it's a ton of fun. No wheelies or hooliganing yet.
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  10. They look like fun! Local Trumpy dealer has one too I should take it out!

    Definitely one of those bikes that's looks better from the seat though

    Get a pipe on it ASAP ;)
  11. As stock the pipe sounds pretty damn good! To the point I don't think I need to mess with it for a while.

    Definitely go ride one. The R. The std one I haven't ridden and not even half interested in.

    It's a BMW parts bin mongrel though. The oil dipstick has the GS logo on it, I discovered today. It all comes together so well though!
  12. Hi, I know this is an old thread, but im thinking of grabbing a second hand Nuda. How are they holding up? I can see they dont make them anymore but Husky dont seem to have a replacement.
  13. Husky now owned by KTM, not BMW, so the unknown here is spare parts when you need them. I love this bike too, but will most likely never have one due to this.
  14. I know what you're saying. Just spoke to a Husky dealer and they are getting a new motard, 701. 700 single. Might be worth a look.
  15. Its the KTM 690 with different plastics and brand, save your money and get a KTM 690 SMC.
  16. Is that right!.. Thanks for you're help.
  17. Sucks, but yeah, yay for brand dilution.
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  19. Nice buy. THe first big boy bike I rode was one of these. It sold before I was prepared to buy but if it had stayed around a while I probably would have taken it home.

    If I won the lotto tomorrow these would probably be first on my list.
  20. Saw my first ever Nuda parked up at Mt Beauty a few days ago, good looking bike.