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NTV650 will not start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Bikes, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Hello Everybody,

    I bought a NTV650 it has a lot of k's but it was running well apart from a slipping clutch and the fact that the front brake wasn't lighting up the break light so i was always conscious to evenly brake as i had previously been a front brake kind of rider apart from on dirt of course. Anyway the problem started today.

    I was on my way out and as i turned onto the main road i pulled the clutch geared up to 2nd and then there was a dead moment when i released the clutch and nothing happened then all of a sudden it sort of sputtered and went. It then started making a ticking noise and it was in peak hour traffic so i was just trying to get off the road but it died before i had the chance. Now it will not start.

    It is quite an old bike just wondering where i should start looking. I have the manual which shows how to do an overhaul but if i know where i should start looking for answers i can order parts asap i would really appreciate any advice.

    Just moved to Perth so haven't got any of my old riding buddies to ask i would really like the communities help on this one.

    I have become very attached to my bike and would like to get her up and running again.

    Thanks for reading =D


  2. Simple stuff first, check fuses, check spark, check fuel, begin from there.
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  3. Hi Eamonn

    my partner said he heard a loud knocking sound when he got it running whilst pushing it home. It hasn't started since, not the electrics, checked all fuses the oil is good the petrol was 98 octane so good as well. think it is a much more serious then initially believed. loud knocking came from the rear of engine so it could be the rear cylinder, do you know any good mechanics in Perth, or any other ideas for the loud knock at rear of engine?

    Thanks a lot
  4. +1 Sudden stops like that are probably electrical or fuel starvation.
    Do the lights come on when you switch the ignition on?
    Yes - Main fuse is intact and switch is probably working.
    No - Main fuse or ignition switch gone.
    Does the bike crank when you push the starter?
    Kill switch is in the run position right?
    You have fuel?

    Step by Step
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    Ok after your second post it sounds more serious. Timing chain, bearings ?? Time for a mechanic I think. My bet is on timing chain and cam tensioner. If the cam chain has jumped timing of valves could be well out. Worse case valves hit piston as it reaches top dead center.
  6. Thanks for the advice, will take to mechanic to find out and post the diagnosis.

    I hope it's not the valves hitting piston as I'm guessing that's not a cheap fix
  7. You would know if that had happened, it would be very noisy not just a thump. Good luck, hope it is something simple.