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NTFS or FAT32 for an external HDD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Banga, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just a quick question for anyone who can help.
    Basically wondering if there is any advantage in having an external HDD in NTFS as opposed to FAT32 format?

    It will not be used for Mac at all, pretty much just used as a backup drive and to store the occasional music and video files...


    Thanks in advance

  2. fat32 can only do files up to 4 gig in size whereas a 16 gig bluray movie file will be no problem for a ntfs drive.
  3. There is actually a way to set up an external drive to be read by both PC and Mac. Ours at home is. If anyone wants details let me know and I'll post some.

    But yeah, NTFS is better for the reason smee said.
  4. Any relatively current Mac should still read NTFS fine, but yes as above again, NTFS is the way to go with any drive these days.
  5. +1 for NTFS. Won't work on a playstaion, but that's a different story.
  6. Yep. NTFS. Not only does it handle bigger file sizes, but, it's a much more efficient file storage system than Fat32.
  7. If its a big drive go NTFS, only do FAT32 if you want to plug it into a playstation or a TV. But if you want to do this just go buy another one they are like less than $100 now lol
  8. ZFS :cheeky:

    Sorry I couldn't resist ;)
  9. +1 Not what I expected to see anyone on this forum say... much respect sir!
  10. hahahah. I like seeing all the people praise NTFS, it reminds me of the time the guy who ran swinburne's film equipment department was harping to me about how it was archaic and that mac journal was the way of the future. It did take a bit of restraint to not laugh in his face.
  11. It's not praise, it's answering the op's question.
  12. Are you suggesting that Fat32 is better than NTFS??

  13. Actually it's exactly the sort of comment I'd expect to see on this forum :)
  14. We are a contrary bunch both motorcycle riders and IT people. ;)
  15. It is if you are talking compatibility with different OS's!
  16. NTFS unless you are going to connect it to a PS3, because they can only read FAT32.
    Learned that the hard way.
  17. And you'll find that tha OP specifically isn't. But thanks for playing :)
  18. apart from some gaming consoles as mentioned, what OS's can't read NTFS any more? They may require a package to be installed, but, that's easy enough. Either way, NTFS is still a much better system than Fat.
  19. They maybe able to read but writing is the problem...