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NTC Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011 {Motorcycles excluded from discus

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. The Smart Transport for a Growing Nation discussion paper was released by the National Transport Commission (NTC) on Monday, 19 September 2011 and is open for public comment until 14 October 2011.

    This paper is aimed at identifying opportunities to reform the existing national transport system, however, there appears to be a significant road user/stakeholder group missing from consideration in this – motorcyclists.

    Nowhere do motorcyclists appear to be recognised or acknowledged in this paper, while cars, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians etc are. It mentions how cycling has become more prominent over past decade for road managers, reallocating road space etc for bicycle lanes, but nothing about the increased uptake of motorcycling and the strategic planning required for this road user group.

    NTC is using the consultation phase of this discussion paper to engage with interested stakeholders about the opportunities to improve the national transport system.
    Feedback on this paper will be used to help shape a position paper that NTC will use to set the direction of its strategic plan and future work program.

    A broader aim of this discussion paper is to inform the national reform agenda and about how governments, business and the community can improve Australia’s transport system.

    Note, the transport system includes public transport, all road user groups, freight, infrastructure, roads pricing (tolls etc) and complementary regulatory policies, impacts of road transport on others, ie. congestion, commute times, deaths & injuries, air & noise pollution.

    Any individual or organisation can make a submission.

    Electronic submissions to:

    Or mail submission to:

    Project team - exploring the opportunities for reform discussion paper
    National Transport Commission
    Level 15, 628 Bourke Street

    Website: http://www.ntc.gov.au/DocView.aspx?DocumentId=2221
    Discussion paper (pdf): http://www.ntc.gov.au/filemedia/Reports/SmartTransportnewSept11.pdf
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  2. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    I was just coming into the politics forum to post up about this typical NTC motorcycle myopic paper. The NTC have a huge anti motorcycling bias and this is just icing on the cake.

    You can get the community consultation source document that the discussion paper was based on from this NTC web page: http://www.ntc.gov.au/DocView.aspx?DocumentId=2222 (not easy to find)

    The media release that announces the discussion paper is worth a read...

    I've added the format highlights. How can those aspects be considered if the fastest growing sector of the road system is not included?
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  3. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    These are the folks of the NTC.


    The last one is the director of the project which produced the discussion paper.

    Edit: Added a bit to the title. I think this is a topic worth attracting thread traffic.
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  4. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    Thanks, Rob. (y)

    In light of all that's gone on, to deliberately ignore motorcycling as part of this is just ... words fail.
    Does present another opportunity to address a blind spot though.

    heheh ... and coz ya like tinkering with stuff. :grin:
    Good, thanks.
  5. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    Here is my comment that I sent though to Mr Neil Wong regarding above said document. Will be interesting to see if this will be published online, as currently there are no comments.

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  6. I think that the reason the the word "motorcycle" is not included is because, in the eyes of the law, a motorcycle is grouped in the cars category. For all intents and purposes motorcycles, because they have an engine, are defined as cars - unless specifically stated.

    Most road laws that apply to vehicles - apply equally to cars and motorcycles.

    This is why the subject of Lane Filtering/Splitting needs to get sorted. When this happens, then there will be a clear delineation between cars and motorcycles.

    The upcoming Victorian Parliamentary Motorcycle Safety Inquiry will hopefully open up the can of worms.

    Well done Nightowl and Rob for picking this up and bringing it to our attention=D>
  7. Sadly JD, that is exactly what needs to be addressed. A motorcycle is as much of a car as a Rodeo is to a Kenworth. We need to recognised as our own distinct motoring group, just as bicyclists are distinct from pedestrians.
  8. John is correct, authorities have always expected motorcyclists to ride as if they're driving a car and probably why it's not mentioned as such...
    But when it comes to money, they're happy to charge that additional levy (here in vic) by stating differences they see with motorcycles in their own eyes.

    But as we all know, motocycles and cars are very different and we need some allowances as in filtering and a few other road rules rather than only taking more money off us.
  9. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    Rob, I have to ask, on the basis of your familiarity with the NTC:
    If the NTC is openly opposed to motorcycling, is it better to use this consultation to appeal to them directly to rethink their strategies, or rather to try and bring pressure on the NTC itself, if they are inevitably going to be hostile?
    I don't know - just asking for your thoughts.
  10. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    Great comments Rush, thanks for sharing. Very well done! =D>
  11. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    If I was charitable, I would say that the report in question hasn't taken motorcycles as a serious option because the survey groups the report is based on, didn't. But being less charitable I know that they haven't ever commissioned work that evaluates whether motorcycles have a place to play in congestion issues.

    I think even a short comment submitted officially in response to the report, which highlights that a bonafide genuine roaduser group has been entirely missed will have to carry some weight. Motorcycles have a proven congestion beating record - you can quote quite a few different papers, including the ones referenced in the rule 151A amendment submission Rush found.

    If the input into a national report completely missed a genuine road user group, and the report authors weren't switched on enough to notice, then can it be taken seriously?
  12. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    You're right - it'll be on public record. The time for caning NTC is after the report is completed.
  13. Re: Smart Transport Discussion Paper – Submissions due 14 Oct 2011

    Thank you Nightowl for putting this one out there. I felt bad that I missed the initial Herald Sun write in. I was busy with a new job role. So thought this was a good opportunity to address from a new angle and get in hopefully while there might still be time.

    It's important that we make some noise and start to make a stand. I'm really encouraged to see everyone else getting on board and making OUR voice heard. :)
  14. Comments close tomorrow folks.

    I put in a very brief submission pointing out that motorcycles were missing and linked them to a dozen resources indiciating the congestion fighting benefits of motorcyclies - inluding TonyE's 2005 paper and a couple from Prof Wigan and a study showing that motorcycles actually generate savings for communities/cities.