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[NT] It'd almost be satisfying... if people weren't dead.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Who didn't see this coming?

    Told ta so, told ya so...

  2. To be fair, if there are more cars on the road, as there is in every other state and territory, even travelling at a controlled speed, then statistically there is a likelihood of increased road toll, surely.
  3. Well that argument wasn't good enough to keep the government from introducing emergency profiteer... I'm sorry: "life saving" legislation, so they can jam it now.

    - and good on them for costing local business $9million!

    I sure hope economic downturn doesn't adversely affect business owners who might become depressed and drink & drive or something when their business starts failing...
  4. That's patent nonsense, whatever you think of the legislation.
  5. How can you make the "number of cars" comparison between 2006 and 2007. It'd be a marginal increase at best.
  6. A quick search found this;

    Road toll statistics
    The road toll for the Northern Territory for 2006 to 15 November is 39.

    For the same time last year the road toll was 47.


    So last year was low, for whatever reason and isn't this year just "normal"?

    There's a lot of road to cover and police - don't know who effective they'd be anyway :?

    Agree with Ktulu, shame about losing the open road testing, typical short sighted view to appease a few.
  7. I'm guessing the resources boom has something to do with it. When you're income increases many will buy the latest V8 or R1 - just because they can. I read a few months ago that the road toll in WA is also higher than average.

  8. Mate. Get on the ABS NT / SA government websites and do some maths. The increase on vehicle numbers vs deaths is not linear.

    Awaiting your figures!
  9. Why Paul? It could be that people were travelling slower and safer, but now they have a limit that must be safe, the are not equipped to handle the higher speed limit.

  10. :LOL: :LOL:

    you'll be waiting a long time :LOL:
  11. There are more vehicles on the road and many more kilometres travelled and the road toll is slowly decreasing.

    You'd think it would be the other way around but it isn't due to improvements in roads and vehicles (simple things like seat belts and air bags).

    I seem to remember someone saying the high death toll in NT was mainly due to people overloading cars with people on back tracks and coming unstuck killing many of the unrestrained occupants not the unrestricted limit which can only be done on the main sealed highways well outside of the towns.
  12. Pretty much. Overloaded cars crashing and tourists rolling troopies. Plus, not having a demerit point system and a pathetic fine system probably didn't help. And the percentage of the road toll that was to do with people letting rip down the de-restricted highways was minimal anyway, because you concentrate more the faster you go, or not having to worry getting booked for speeding is one less thing to distract you from paying attention to the road.
  13. NT has the highest drink driving re offending rate in australia, if you are (from memory) 0.5 but under 0.8 you can drive home with nothing more than a $100 fine.

    they also don't have demerits or red light cameras(something about bugs & heat stuff the camera)

    speed actually contributes to precious little deaths on the open highway there are more attributed to poor road surface + fatigue

    oh and they also have a high rate of people driving on the wacky tabicky & disco biscuits
  14. really?
    the surface?
    an experienced driver would recognise poor surface and drive accordingly.
    an experienced driver also drives at an appropriate speed, so that should something like this come up, they have time to adjust.
    a poor surface never killed anyone, a person driving too fast on a poor surface is asking for trouble ;)