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[NT] Hooning in the Northern Territory

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2009/08/10/73891_ntnews.html

    Have a read about the bit where the copper claims that they don't have to witness the hooning in order to take action against it.

    Does this mean then, that you can dob someone who you have a gripe with, the cops will, based on an unsubstantiated allegation, confiscate your vehicle and possibly cost you hundreds of dollars?

    This is so open to abuse that it's terrifying.

    What were these fcuknuckles thinking when they enacted this legislation?
  2. So typical of this country.

    I think the whole dobbing in system operates in QLD. Though I think (don't quote me) that you need to be reported a few times and/or if you do it consistently in the same place (e.g. speed down your street that you live in), the cops will come and investiage.

    What about the guy who was clocked doing 60kph in a 20kph zone? *shakes head and makes that annoying ticking noise*

    I mean seriously, where besides your living room is it not safe to do more than 20kph? And even more disturbing is that there were cops there to enforce it. There must be no other crime in the NT for the cops to crack down on..... :wink: .
  3. [quote="
    Have a read about the bit where the copper claims that they don't have to witness the hooning in order to take action against it."

    This can happen in Victoria now, but they need a good statement from a witness who is prepared to go to court and give evidence.
  4. Time to start memorising some cop car regos.
  5. if my memory serves me correctly, someone on here was hunting down every police rego they could find and reporting
  6. Experience tells me that this won't happen.

    I related the tale recently where my wife was run off the road by two idiots "hooning" on the Princes Highway. She got the cars' details and called the police. Cops said, "what do you want us to do about it". "Your job for starters" (which didn't go down well). The cop said that "we have to witness the event in order to prosecute".

    My wife then lodged a complaint with ESD I think it was. A couple of days later the OIC of the station called her. He "explained" that this sort of thing is evidence based and that they need to have more than the word of her, despite her pledge to appear in court.

    She then asked, "at least then, have a chat to them, say that they were witnessed driving dangerously and to watch out in future.".

    Sometimes a verbal warning from out of nowhere can work wonders, particularly if the police appear on the doorstep of your home. These kids' family members would probably shit themselves, particularly the parents.

    And afterwards they'd give their brats a reaming.

    But they weren't interested in doing that either.

    Lazy pricks (and if any TMU members are reading this, and the horse that you rode in on too...).
  7. Speed camera regos, too :)