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NT changing road speed limits...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Prime, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. I know...I am soooo F*&%@#! shattered...If this happened in some other countries that polition whom changed it would be assasinated.

    Just another money raising exercise at the expense of our joy.
  2. Yeah there was an article in the Herald-Sun Cars Guide on how the NT government has spent something like $12 million on new marked cop cars and a few BMW bikes to police the new limits. This is despite the fact that alcohol contributes to half of all fatalities in the NT and the number of RBT conducted by Police last year was way down on the target figure :roll:.
  3. could be wrong but i think it was 1.2 million a year not 12 million ?? can't remember
  4. How many NT road deaths are due to sober people driving fast, on an empty road in a straight line? If a lot of people are killing themselves, then maybe it's fair enough, but otherwise it seems like pointless regulation.
  5. Doesn't seem to be any info on that - other than the fact there were more deaths in areas with speed limits than in those areas with none. The other major contributing factor to many deaths in the NT is the very high number of drivers that simply don't wear a seatbelt (won't cause a crash but can make it fatal). The road toll in the NT is higher than other states - problem seems to be that the government has decided to blame that on the lack of speed limits, even though the problem is more to do with driver attitude towards alcohol and seatbelts.
  6. The real shame is that when these new limits have no effect (or perhaps increase the toll) they won't be changed. Now NT can add fatigue as a major killer on their roads as well, like the rest of us. :cry:
  7. Interesting topic. As of yesterday, when I last saw it, NT had yet to register any road deaths during the holiday period...