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NT ADV riders

Discussion in 'Other States' started by kezzajohnson, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. A bunch of guys getting together at Darwin trailer boat club this thursday 29 October 2009 PM (4.30 onwards)for planning a trip to West Alligator Heads on 14 November.
    Dual sports bikes required for ride-All welcome to meeting and ride. Come along and introduce yourself and join our small but gathering momentum group of riders.
    Cheers Kezzajohnson

  2. heh heh

    G'day Kez :D

    ... I bought some new Mt21's in anticipation of possible mud out there....

    Has Helen considered being a professional beer-eskie caddie??
    -real employment potential there, methinks :deal:

    Here's another freakin forum https://www.dsmra.asn.au/blog/index.php
    pretty topical forum, but quiet so far......

    We mentioned a ride tomorrow (2nd Nov.)....but my motivation is shot at the moment...