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NSWRRC Round 1

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Gixxer11, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Anyone going to Eastern Creek on Sunday for round 1 of the NSWRRC?

    I may be heading down from Newcastle. Will have to see what the minister of war and finance has got planned first.
  2. Go anyway. Take your missus with you.
  3. i went along today,a good day in all. good racing, though underattended by the public and facilities. a highlight for me was meeting kevin curtins parents up top of the hill at turn 2. really nice folk and their son did quite a job too, starting from last on the grid in all four races and finishing first in every one. a force to be reckoned with this year for sure!
  4. Was KC on the MV?
  5. yep, his major competition was charlton and johnson on the works kwaks. they were pretty quick and it always took KC a couple of laps to get by charlton and he never really got away much after overtaking but KC did use a single tyre for 3 races leaving a new one for the last which was a bit more of a whitewash obviously..

    also the MV sounded really pissweak to my mind. they could really open that exhaust up for the spectators i reckon as it sounded very subdued and not working that hard at all. maybe the motogp bikes have ruined my ear virginity.. :D
  6. It probably had the "gp3" pipe then. Noise doesn't equal horsepower.
  7. well i know that, but when advertising a bike (which is what racing is essentially) especially an exotic one, i would have thought you would have tried to differentiate your bike from the others (obviously not at the expense of performance). i dont know, their garage certianly was very impressive and apparently he will contest a round of the wsb sometime this year and if their performance on the weekend was anything to go by, they will do ok..
  8. Curtain, injury free, is a world class punter. No doubt.
  9. Curtain blitzed it. The two Kwaka's were impressive, but Curtain was on another plane entirely. Same goes for No. 45 in the mixed 250 2T/400 class, though he ran into bike issues near the end. It all made for great watching, though I'd rather have been on the track :p
  10. he was hitting the exact same line every time through turn 2 like clockwork which made me think he was either foxing about the performance advantage of his bike, or is some sort of unhuman gun rider.. probably a little bit of both!
  11. He is human, and a gun. I am looking forward to the season.
  12. I wasn't watching from T2 for very long, but turns T9 through T12, the (easily) fastest riders in both classes were doing just that. Consistently cutting the exact same line, and listening, they were rolling on at the same point. Awesome.
  13. in the final race charltons tyre must have been RS. everyone was fairly ragged through t2 at the end..

    no. 45 was damian eckersley a grade aprillia rs 250. i was too busy watching those little 125 darting in and out of the larger bikes like little gnats on cows! really funny to watch and probably great experience for the young kids..
  14. Great day.Kev Curtin the great. :shock:
  15. After the Supersport/Superstock race i was walking back down pit lane from the pit wall, had a look in the MV garage an saw Kevin taking fan snaps of his own bike... Good weekend. pitty the other factory superbike teams didn't come down... i would of thought it would be in there interest to get some track time in before the season starts.
  16. haha thats great, his parents mentioned he was a bit bummed to have lost his overseas options, but was very glad of the mv offer here. the day must have been pretty special for him..

    :imagined thought bubble:"yep still got it!"