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NSW- You can't even park any more

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by StRider, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. MOD: being state specific please post the STATE in the topic otherwise next time I will LOCK the thread in accordance with the guidelines.
    STRIDER: Sorry mate, my bad. I didn't know you guys were so strict ... :oops:

    What is it about our lawmakers? Are they all inbread, from the same gene pool that makes them dumber and dumber? is their sole purpose to make life difficult for us? (This is for NSW only, not applicable to other states where the beaurocrats are intelligent and efficient and enrich our lives.)



  2. Yeah it's bullsh!t. They have these zones which are completely unmarked, have no reference to, and have no relevance to the general public. Yet, they can still do you for it. Who would even know what the zones are?
  3. oh FFS :roll: :roll:
    These guys seriously need to find a life outside making others difficult :twisted:
  4. That's a bureaucrats main purpose in life, though. You can't begrudge them their life's goal, can you?
  5. What the?? Did the government just pull this out of their lazy corrupted butts? I'm sure no one has ever heard of this rubbish. Just another money raising revenue scheme.
  6. What a croc.

    Here in Victoria, the FINE State ;)

    You need to move your vehicle out of that parking "area"

    Hard to explain but stay with me,

    (x).....|...|....|.....(x) (x)....|.....|....|.....(x)

    if you park in the first lot of bays within the signs then move it to the second lot of bays, thats perfectly legal.

    However, moving it between the bays in that one area that is illegal.

    I could be wrong though ;)
  7. I can almost understand what they're trying to do. the problem is with Councils, who despite charging obscene amounts from businesses who do not offer onsite parking, yet totally fail to provide alternative parking - if anything they put in planter boxes and remove parking spaces, or install 1/4 and 1/2 hour parking meters which are simply not long enough for patrons.

    They're incompetent in the extreme, and motorists have to pay for it.