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[NSW-Wollongong]Short notice. Ride up Macquaire Pass 30.8.08

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Guru, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hey Mods, sorry for the short notice, I didnt submit the ride through the calendar as last time it took a few days to come through. If it gets deleted well I guess Ill have to submit it anyway :)

    So the plan is for a group ride up Macquarie Pass, then have lunch up there then head back. For those who are keen, once we return to Wollongong, we might do the run through the National Park. Both rides are LEARNER FRIENDLY!

    Meeting at Unanderra KFC at 9.30am. Its on the corner of Princes Hwy and Central road-you can't miss it. Its opposite Unanderra train station.

    Hope you can make it. Any questions, PM me or send me a number and we can work it out.

  2. Hey Guru

    Got your text. Working in Qld Wed to Sun. :( Hope ya got ya battery prob sorted!

    Ride carefully up there!
  3. 50% in for this will let u know closer to sat
  4. I'm pretty sure I can make this one...I'll be able to confirm later on in the week :)
  5. :grin: I must be seeing things hornet! Lol cya then!

    blackjackx that would be awesome if you would come down from sydney. Let RKO and Tomsvrf know too if youre in contact with them. Was great meeting you guys last weekend!
  6. Proooooobably in. :)
  7. hope my bike is ready and i can go on this one :grin:
    We'll try to point out a meet point for those fr Sydney

    some (ex)netriders are doing trackday at E-Creek on this day too, so I will skip nasho and head straight there after lunch. Spectators are welcome on trackdays :popcorn:
  8. Yea should be in but will confirm it during the week.
  9. i'm DEFINITELY there...... FREAKIN FINALLY :)
  10. Sydney Riders

    Maybe the Sydney riders can meet at Heathcote maccas at about 8.20 then head off round 8.30 to make it here for the 9.30 start. Just an idea.
  11. Thanks for the pm. I don't think I'll be able to make this one unfortunately. I'll try though. Let's get another set up with some more notice!
  12. Coolies, I'm in, just had to check the new work roster. Can't wait to meet some new faces :)
  13. This sounds cool!
    I'm a maybe until I can confirm later in the week.

    I'll be coming from Sydney, where is this Heathcote maccas located?
  14. ok, the missus is working on saturday - so i don't have to spend the day with her... not that i'd HAVE to!!! lol

    providing it's not raining, i'll be at heatcote maccas at round 8 :]
  15. In! As long as it's not bucketting down. :grin:

    I'll probably leave home early and go through RNP on the way down, otherwise it's gonna be a bit of a boring ride getting to the start point.
  16. surely with that bike you'd want to go via nasho :grin:

    I think we should at least take the Old Princess/nasho, not Freeway it all the way - thats just not good for the Ls.

    PS: ive never been to this Gong meetpoint, so which exit should we take?
  17. RKO, ok so if youre coming via the express way, take the Five Islands Road exit. Youll come to the traffic lights, turn right and keep going to the end of the road, where there will be another set of lights, turn left (its a left turning lane) and its about 200metres from the traffic lights.

    If youre coming via the national park, once youre in Wollongong, just keep heading straight along Princess Hwy, then once you pass a big set of fast food shops on the left (Maccas, hungry jacks, kfc and a petrol pump-its called north gate complex in fairy meadow) you will see the sign to turn right to head towards Sydney/Wollongon Uni. Take this right turn, then youll be back on the Express way, then just refer to the above directions.

    Did that make sense? lol
  18. :-k

    yeah Blackjackx, did that make sense? dont lose me there, lol

    thanks Guru
  19. LOL it should be ok

    But I am not sure I can make it 100% anymore :( Ive been a bit sick yesterday my fever has come down but not sure if ill be totally well for Saturday ill let u know by 2morrow at least