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[NSW] Wollongong, removal of motorcycle parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ginji, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Went to go to the CBA in Wollongong this morning only to find that the motorcycle parking opposite (on Crown St) had been removed, went to two other places and both those had been removed as well! All of em replaced with a bloody drop off zone!

    Street parking now is ticketed, making it practically impossible for a motorcycle to park legally, as we can't display a ticket.

    I'm fuming over this, and the council can expect a nasty letter from me.
  2. And me!
  3. So what's the deal in this situation?
  4. Keep the faith brothers. ;) We are with you in spirit.
  5. Angry letters to the council is generally a good start, maybe organise a suitable protest if it's not resolved in a reasonable way.
  6. Might write one up after mid session exams finish.
  7. If you can please supply specific addresses/cross streets where the spots have been removed, shall bring it up with Motorcycle Council NSW

    Meeting's on tonight if you get a chance

  8. 240 Crown St/Princess Highway - 2 Spots Completely removed.
    198 Kiera St/Princess Highway - 4 Spots Completely removed.
    95 Burelli St - Used to be 9 spots, cut back to 5? Now complete removed.

    They're the only motorcycle parking in that area that I am aware of too.
  9. So much for goverment supporting more "green" forms of transport :roll:
  10. I've done some digging around on the Wollongong Council website, and found some of the documents relating to the changes in the city centre, and it states in there that there should be 1 motorcycle parking spot for every 25 car spots (or part thereof). So I don't know why they think it is ok to remove it and not replace it?
  11. Thanks for the info ginji
  12. Heh, so many times the ones on Crown St were occupied by cars.

    Surprised they've gotten rid of them. The bike spaces were generally used quite frequently.
  13. Same here, everytime I've used one or ridden past there has been at least one or more bikes in each of the spots.
  14. Be great if those riders in Wollongong could send a quick note to the council - there are a few; Hornet, Spots, gingi.

    Then please post up the replies here

    MCC could then follow up on your behalf, as has been done on the M2 "Bus Lane Only"
  15. Ill definately be sending a letter to the council at the end of next week. I'll type one up then and post a copy up here.
  16. I've been searching the Wollongong Council website, and I came across this page - http://www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/citycentreparkingoptions.asp, which has a lovely map of all the parking in the centre now, including three motorcycle parking areas, none of which are in good positions if you want to run an errand on Crown St, or elsewhere. Not sure if these spots are new or pre-existing at this point either, as I've never used them. Anyone else know?
  17. Just parked in a car spot outside spotlight to pick up a new belt, bloke came past and asked me why I was taking up a car spot. I told him that they took all the bike spots away, and that most of the cars along the street only had one passenger anyway. He shook his head and said 'bloody council' and went on his way.

    Those three spots look shithouse, ginji. The one closest to the 7-11 was a top spot to park if you wanted to go for a shop. Gone now.

    So yeah, I'm annoyed now. Writing a letter next week.
  18. This is the first I've heard of this :-s I knew they were implementing ticket parking but.... Anyway, same as Mitch Rohr for me. Letter going in after midsession. Not very happy WCC. And I don't think car drivers will be happy if bikes are forced to take the already sparse parking spaces during peak times. If you need a voice of support with MCC from another local I'll +1
  19. I'd never seen these spots before you showed me that map. Your right with them being shit spots. BTW, in Crown Street, opposite the Oxford Tavern, there is 1/4 hour spots that are unticketed. Not very long but useful if You want to go to the post office or something. Once again, I don't think car drivers will be happy with spots taken up. Come to think about it, there used to be motorcycle parking there. Not anymore according to their map. :roll:
  20. Personally, I'd arrange a few bikes to take as many car spots as I could.
    Then I'd write a letter to the council, (and the local paper) complaining about the bikes in car spots..... 8-[