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[NSW] Wollongong Coffee with the Melbournites

Discussion in 'NSW' started by es, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Coffee shop on the corner of Corrimal and Crown Street, around 7-7.30 pm :D
    oops, I ment on friday night :p
    hope to meet some of you before we head home :)

    (also any sydney people who are bored, shoot me a PM as we have nothing much planned and would love to be shown around)

  2. Put me down for a definite........ where are ya, josh?
  3. DAMN IT!! I am a Maybe, i have a work christmas party to attend and i need to find out when that starts, damn, damn, damn!!! I'll be in Touch!! Hey Eswen when do you get back into Wollongong????
  4. so it's for wollongong people only?... :LOL:
  5. You really need to read the thread, matey

    "(also any sydney people who are bored)"

    Why don't you RACE down and meet us???
  6. reads again..ah ok :) ..i just got home and im soaking wet, i might be able to go for a bit ride to the wollongong on Friday..every time i ride there i think my bike hates me just sitting on 110 is a struggle for it if there is a strong southerly :?
  7. Hey, why go down the BOOOOOORRRINGG freeway, take the old Princes Highway slip road just at the head of the freeway (merge to the right) and hoon through the twisties north of Helensburgh) {do it every day in the cage}
    The road south of H'burgh isn't that interesting, but it doesn't have 100 homicidal Wollongong chickie-babes in Excels either.....
  8. HAHAHA that quote is pure gold bucause it so accurately reflects the area (and i know quite afew babes who drive excels) HAHAHAHA
  9. Hey guys I'm new to netrider but I'd be happy to meet up with you on friday night for a drink, see you guys there!
  10. New people are especially welcome :D
  11. definetly not! else we wouldnt be welcom :LOL:
    Hopefully pt and maybe mik84 will make it too :)
  12. What time on Friday will you be in town?? I MAY not be able to make it to Coffee due to other committments but it would be great to meet up. Will you be in Wollongong around lunch time or early afternoon?? I'll bring Chocolate!
  13. will probably be around for lunch to be honest. Scout out some roads around there maybe... not really sure what to do with ourselves!!!
  14. I'll be around ALL day with a full tank of BP Ultimate sitting in the bike so if your in town GIVE ME A CALL. You have my number, but if you want my home number so you'll definately be able to get hold of me then PM me.

    If your in town with the crew maybe we could get some lunch and then go for a ride somewhere?? Let me know.

    Josh =0)
  15. great :D ill send you a sms on friday before we head out and we can figure out where to meet :)
  16. dammit - ill be Canberra that night, doing job interviews during the day...Grr...
  17. Awwww... well, will be good all the same to see some people :)
    Miniskirt fund?
  18. miniskirt pictures?
  19. humm ill think about it :p
  20. haha!! ok but i guess i shouldn't be holding my breath eh??