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[NSW] Wollongong Coffee Night, Tue Nov 8th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by hornet, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. I should be there with Bells on!!
  2. sensational.
    I just sent a PM to deve8ed and i'm about to PM bbrush too
  3. Good Work Paul, hopefully we get a good turn out and can keep it up!!
  4. I think i may just have to join you for this.. :D
  5. And I'll see you on Saturday morning for that ride, lurch? (remind me again of the details, please)
  6. Heh!

    Leave by 9:30am South Nowra Caltex (near Macca's)
    They'll be a bunch of us there. Ill be teh stupidly tall guy in a Red/black moto-dry jacket, and a Black/Silver GS500
  7. Ok, Saturday didn't quite work out, but tomorrow night is still on, so no sleeping in (?) and no excuses, youse guys!!!
  8. I'll be there!! Hopefully the weather hold up long enough and doesn't pour down so we can enough the night seated outdoors!
  9. Alright!!!!!!! I've got a new air filter for the Mighty Hornet, so it should be running like a Swiss watch, and I'm looking forward to som good coffee and some good conversation.

    If it DOES rain we can always shift down to the coffee shop on the corner of Corrimal and Crown, they make a blueberry cheescake that should be registered as a weapon!
  10. So i take it we will be meeting at Litanis??
  11. So, josh was there and I was there, and no-one else was there.
    The wedges and sour cream and chili sauce was great, and the coffee was yummy, c'mon guys, where were ya?
  12. Wollongong is a fair way out for me, but I'll definately come down for one when I get my new bike
  13. You're a nice man, Kurt. We would look forward to seeing you one night!
  14. Sorry man. I got stuck on a server install till 11

  15. No dramas, it'll be on again.......
  16. Yeah it was a good night. The food was nice and the coffee was good. Also as always it was great to catch up with paul and have a Yarn. He is a great bloke and definately worth catching up with to have a chin wag.

    Hope to see you at the next one Lurch. Otherwise i'm gonna ride down there and drag you all the way back up :LOL:
  17. How are you goin guys, Is there a section or thread on this forum for wollongong local events and meets..I definately interested in sunday rides
    and thursday night coffee...sounds great.
  18. There's no specific Wollongong section, but I'm on a fair bit :)P) so keep your ear to the ground. I'd be happy to organise some rides too, so maybe those people who are interested enough to come to the coffee night (hello Lurch....) can discuss that then....
  19. Coffee night

    So guys 'n gals, how about coffee at the same place next Tuesday night, 13th December??