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[NSW] Wollombi Run from Sydney and Newcastle, Sat Feb 24th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Paul

    Ok guys, this ride is for sydney riders, and newcastle riders and anyone else who wants to come along. Everyone on two wheels is welcome.
    Sydney riders are going to leave Asquith Maccas (on the old pacific hwy north of hornsby) and head up through Mou...

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  2. Hey guys
    I know it is early but i think i may have limited net access for about the next two weeks. Should be an awesome day. For all the newy riders i think Tim 650 is gonna post up the newcastle ride as a seperate thread, but don't quote me on that one.

  3. Hi peeps, Newy end already added to calendar, waiting on mods approval, should see it soon!!

    I'm thinking as we go we can do a bit of a who's in, who's out thing including the bike they will be on, to make it easier to identify others

  5. you're in Layto. see you there

  6. OK, for the Newy end of things, https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=31497

    Ignition sequence started ................... ignition in 5 ........ 4 ............. 3 ................. 2 ............... 1 ............... ignition, main thrusters engaged........ WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!!! ................. sorry, just going through the start up procedure for my Hyo :p

  7. Did putty road today. I got rid of my chickeen strips coming up that twisty bit at the north end :grin: Just trying to get a touchdown with the knee at the moment :twisted:

    Best, most fun peice of road i've ever riden :grin:
  8. I totally wasn't 10 minutes behind you going at a snails pace :oops:

  9. Ah, I rode Cessnock to Broke, Broke to Wollombi, Wollombi to home today. Seems like everyone was out there somewhere today!!

  10. Yeah it was closer to about 7 minutes :p Just enough time for a smoke.

    it was a great day today. It seems like many people stayed away becasue it was a bit overcast thismorning. All the good riding roads were pretty quite. Not many bikes and not many cops. Only passed one cop car (that we know of) in wollombi.
  11. This sounds like a great ride.

    Tim, red Suzuki sv650s. I'm coming from the Central Coast, so I'll either meet you at Road Warriors or head down the F3 and start from Asquith Maccas. I've got my Stay Upright advanced course on March 5th, so this would be a great warmup.
  12. Did the learner ride today, may be up for this one too
  13. provided im not working, ill definatly be up for this one
  14. i might go straight down putty and do laps while i wait for you guys :p
  15. WAKE UP!!!!! Where all the riders at ?????

    I have about 6 Newy riders coming along to meet at wollombi but few Syd riders so far.

    Do I have to start name dropping and say this was organised by the same people from the now famous "Learners Northern Round Trip" which attracted 35-40 riders from Syd ........ that was a great ride ....... lets do it again eh ..

  16. If I can get my speedo working I'll be coming.. it is my friends bday but dont think he's doing anything... + he's in Canberra.
  17. Learners welcome? Just asking becasue I noticed it was rated Class 3?
  18. i SHOULD be there!!! will we be going as fast as we were on the L's round trip?? :p

    James - Black VTR250 with Staintune
  19. It will be a longer day maybe 100-150kms more I think? I find the last learners trip we did was the amount I can do without getting tired (300kmish for me), only start to get tired after that. So if you get tired early still, don't let it phase you - but be mindful of it.
  20. putty is entirely different, there will probably be only one stop for the sydney riders over about 200 kms (broke to roadhouse, then to windsor)

    this can get very tiring.

    L platers will be fine.